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what is a good guitar amp that is under $400 and has atleast 65 watts of power!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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go easy on your self!.!.!.and the others guy's answer is wayyy to ******* long!.

these brands are the good ones!.!.and have a good price on it,

go here!.!.and see wich one you like
(this one are prices from 200-300)

*this one is prices from 300-500)

the prices are from lowest to highest!.
and that whole page is about apms!.!.but some effetcs are in it,Www@QuestionHome@Com

StepsDetermine the size of the amp you will need!. Amps are rated by wattage rather than physical size (although high-wattage amps do tend to be physically larger)!. By wattage, there are essentially three main categories of guitar amplifiers (combos, heads, and rack-mounted amplifiers), with several subcategories:
Combo (combination) amps combine the amplifier electronics with one or more speakers in a one-piece package!. They are the alternative to "heads," which contain only the electronics, and are attached to separate speaker packages (known as "cabinets" or "cabs")Understand that since it is a one-piece unit, the combo design is generally preferred for smaller, lower-wattage amps!. The following are the most common varieties of combo amp:

Marshall MS-2 - a tiny micro amp with nothing close to real Marshall toneMicro amps: 1-10 watts!. These are tiny, ultra-portable amps which are useful for practice on the go (or when others are trying to sleep)!. They don't pack enough volume to be used in most "jam" situations (where you must be heard above other musicians)!. As a rule, their sound quality tends to be poor (when compared to larger amps)!. The Marshall MS-2 is an example of a super-portable (1 watt) micro amp which has received good reviews for a solid state amp of this size!.
Roland Cube 30 - a popular practice ampPractice amps: 10-30 watts!. Practice amps are also suited for the bedroom/living room environment, although the loudest of them may be used for small gigs (performances), especially if a microphone is used to run them through the venue's PA system!. As with micro amps, practice amps tend to compare unfavorably to larger units in terms of sound quality, unless the practice amp is a good quality tube amp!. Popular practice tube amps that sound as good or better than many larger amps include, Fender Champ, Epiphone Valve Junior and the Fender Blues Jr!. As a general rule, the best practice amps have at least a 10 inch speaker!. This is the smallest speaker size which is generally considered a "real speaker!." If you don't have a 10 inch (or larger) speaker, don't try to use the amp outside the bedroom!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I'd be going for one of these http://www!.music123!.com/Fender-Frontman-!.!.!.
They look sexy, sound good/OK, and they're LOUD!. Get some wheels to under it but, weighs a bit :-)Www@QuestionHome@Com