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Question: Where can I buy an Acoustic Guitar!?
Im just beginning so I don't need anything fancy!.
WHere can I get one for under 100$Www@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
probably your local music shop!.
if your like 12 or older, you would want to get a full size guitar not a 3/4 or smaller!. guitars are usually full size unless they say so!. i would go to your local music shop so you can try before you buy

don't make the same mistake i made!. i bought a guitar from ebay for 30$ i hated it!. the paint got of easily!. the sound was horrible !. i HATED IT!.
so please don't get a cheap guitar , no name brand!. i would spend at least 100 dollars for a good guitar or around that price!.

guitar center is where i usually get guitars from!.
there are lists of guitars!.

guitars i would recommend::

http://www!.guitarcenter!.com/Mitchell-MD1!.!.!. only 99$ five star rating
http://www!.guitarcenter!.com/Squier-by-Fe!.!.!. only 86-99$ five star rating
http://www!.guitarcenter!.com/Epiphone-AJ-!.!.!. http://www!.guitarcenter!.com/Epiphone-PR-!.!.!. have this guitar for almost four or five years now, awesome!. it doesn't break!. i used it as a beginner guitar and still use it!. epiphone is a great brand !. five stars!

hope you choose one of those^^ because they are great guitars, the one i have was amazing!. and those ^^ are reasonably priced!.

good luck and hope i helped!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Guitar Center!.
They've got great cheap ones!.
You can get them in the store or here: