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Question: Anybody a musician out there!? how good is a 5-stringed base guitar!? does it need proper training to use one!?
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Ya know, a 5 string bass is much more common than one would think, and has been around for HUNDREDS of years, dating back to classical music!. A lot of the German composers wrote symphonies that required the extended range bass!.

Now, on to your question!. Until you master the 4 string approach, you dont have to go with the Low B on a 5 string bass!. Many players choose to opt for the High C on a 5 string bass!. One benefit of this!.!.!.!. the top 4 strings are in the same position as a traditional 4 string bass!.

I will add, if you decide to go with a 5 string, try to get a bass that has a 35" scale rather than the traditional 34"!. If you decide to start with a Low B, which im sure thats how its going to be in the store, the Low B will sound much better with the longer scale and not so muddy like most 34" 5 strings sound!.

For years all I played was 4 string fretted and fretless!. In the last 8 years, ive went to 5,6,7 and 9 string basses!. Glad I did!. The extended range basses will really elevate your playing and what you can do on a bass!.

Good luck, and keep on playin!Www@QuestionHome@Com

I personally don't see much benefit having a five-strive over a four, but that's a matter of taste really!. They've most commonly used in genres where the lower sound is required - heavy metal comes to mind first, but I imagine it would see a fair bit of usage in jazz as well!. Not to say other genres don't use it, just that it is used more commonly in those two!.

How good is it!? Well, that's a matter of taste!. I personally can't see much gain, as I could get the same result by playing in a lower tuning, but based on their continued popularity I'd guess some people obviously do see a point!.

I can't imagine it would take too much extra practice to get the hang of, provided you can already play the four-string!. I'd say the four string is a better starting point for beginners though, due to the abundance on learning resources for four-string and the thinner neck - I know the neck of a four string gave me enough trouble to learn, let alone a five!.

But I really can't see it requiring too much training, just some practice and a little imagination to use the lowest string to its full ability!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

5-stringed bass guitar is pretty good than a 4-stringed one!. of course, a proper training is needed for you to master it, and maybe excell in that field!.Www@QuestionHome@Com