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Question: Can anyone learn to sing well!?
I'm seventeen and I've played the violin since I was very young!. I have a natural "good ear" and can hit most notes (vocally) better than other people!. However, I never become involved in singing because I wasn't interested and was pretty shy as a kid!.

Now I'm interested - Hayley Williams is my idol - and I'm afraid to ask for lessons because it would be such a waste of money if I had a really bad voice! I'm positive I'm not singing off pitch, but is part of just singing having a naturally good voice!? Will no amount of work ever make a voice "good"!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
The only person who can not learn to sing well is one who is tone deaf!. You are not!. A tone deaf person can not distinguish between a high pitch and a low pitch (there are very few people who are actually tone deaf)!.

Take those lessons!. Just like the violin, singing is a matter of learning how to do it right and practicing doing it right!. Any voice can be developed with the right instruction!.

Personal note: I am a clarinetist and I do not have the "best of ears" (although I have noticed improvement)!. I had problems with singing for most of my life!. I just did not sound good even though I was hitting the notes!. I took lessons in college (I was a music major) but I just never felt comfortable singing for people because I still didn't sound all that good!. Today, however, I teach a choir class and I have no problem singing in front of people!. A short while ago I took vocal lessons again (primarily becasue I knew I was going to have to teach the choir class!) and this time I had a teacher who provided me with what I needed to get a good sound (so find the teacher that's right for you - it's not one teacher fits all)!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I have been a musician since I was 3 and know exactly what your talking about!. I play many musical instruments and are working on a demo cd right now!. As for learning to sing well, anyone can learn to sing better with the voice they currently have!. They will learn how to improve their range and tone and all around performance and sound!. However, it all starts in the beginning, with your own vocals!. You need a good base to start off with!. A good voice usually runs in the genes of a family!.

If you are still interested in singing, I would recommend voice lessons! It's what you are interested in and want to pursue!. Just remember, in the end, you'll have an improved voice :) !.!.!.!.even if it is a lot of money!.Www@QuestionHome@Com