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Question: Do you know anybody who when you play contemporary christian music its like kryptonite to them!?
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This is a two sided question!. For one you have Christians who think that all music, with the exception of hymns, is from the devil, and you have the secular people who think that music shouldn't be religious and that all Christian music sounds gay anyway!.

I'm a Christian, a musician and I listen to Christian music, however, I find that most Christian music is poorly written, and lacks creativity instrumentally!. In short, most of it is boring and even bad!. There are rare exceptions to this rule!. I also find that a Christian band that is musically talented and sounds good will often sell out their Christianity for the sake of their fame!. It's hard to find a Christian band that's really sold out for God, and musically talented at the same time!. I don't really count it against anyone secular who says Christian music is boring, or stupid, because most of it isn't to my taste either, however I do find it funny that they generalize all Christian music because it's just about the same as secular music: most of it sucks, it's hard to find songs that are actually worth listening to, even in bands you do like!. The solution is simple: don't listen to what you don't like!

As far as Christan who hate Christian music, well, there are scriptures about that: "Praise him with loud cymbals; praise him with high sounding cymbals," Psalms 150: 5 (There are more)!. I'd guess that when this was written there was no such thing as amplification, and I'd bet they didn't know how to compress sound signals to cause musical distortion, I'd bet that a cymbal was about as loud and as harsh as you could get!. My interpretation of this scripture is "Rock on for Jesus!" What's more, the "oh-so-holy" hymns weren't exactly written by God!. They were just written by poets and song-writers of an older day!. All that does is make them out-dated!. Age doesn't make something God-ordained, I'll bet the hymns where in line with the style of music of their day!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

i'm not into religion and i can't stand anything of that musical genre!.!.!.!.usually!?! -

as, occasionally, i'll find that i'm really into a tune that i all of a sudden realize IS a contemporary christian tune! - yet, i often end up liking it so much, i end up *buying* it on itunes!

there's just ONE exception, however: ANY tune of *any* sort that involves COUNTRY - that's *worse* than kryptonite! - make it stop!!!!!!!Www@QuestionHome@Com

yeah I'm like that!.!. I'm sorry if this offends anyone but christian rock/rap/whatever is pretty bad!. I have never heard anyone with real talent!. The majority of the people involved must think that making christian music is a sure way to heaven!. It's not so just please stop!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I'm a practicing ATHIEST and have been for over 50 years!.!.!. that being said!.!.!. I HAVE heard some good talent in the xtian music scene!.!.!. it's such a waste of good talent!.!. but it turns some people on!.!.!. and it doesn't hurt me!.!.!. just as long as some born again doesn't try to shove it down my throat!.!. I'm OK with it!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

sorry but all the Christian song writers and musicians in this area have been eaten or sacrificed by Islamist militant groups or made to listen to rap till they've gone completely mad!. Run for your life!!!!Www@QuestionHome@Com