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Question: If I play CLARINET,how hard would it be to learn SNARE DRUM/PERCUSSION!?
I'm in concert 1 band at my middle school and I want to switch instruments since clarinet is getting boring for me!.How hard would it be to learn!?Any pro's or con's about switching!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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well you would be suprised, it would depend on what grade your in, im a freshman drummer, i have been playing since 6th grade and people have tried changing in 6th grade, they are good percussionists, but they had the hardest time changing on the drums, the keyboard percussion is an easy change, but the drums aren't so easy!. you might be thinking that it's not too smart to tae dvice from just a freshman, but i'm a freshman marching snare so i know what im tlking about!. if you start playing the drums, it'll be a hard change, but its not impossible,,,,,hope i helpedWww@QuestionHome@Com

clarinet is boring in middle school!. But when you get to high school you get to have a lot of fun parts!. Just stay with clarinet!. It gets better trust me!.

pros to switching- you get to play all the percussion
cons to switching- you have to learn to read 3 different clefs!. (treble bass, percussion) have to learn to play keyboard instruments (hard for me at least) you use more wrist and arm in percussion!. If you get stuck on bass drum or an auxiliary instrument (triangle, vibraslap etc) it can be kinda boring too!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

the only way that i can think of would make it easier switching is you already know the number of beats possibly like quarter notes stuff like that etc!.

i play the clarinet for this would be my third year and i love it when your just starting playing its going to be boring cuz your just learning the notes and everything it will get more interesting with songs i tried playing my friends drum and i think its a lot more boring but thats just my oppiononWww@QuestionHome@Com