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Question: Does anyone have any tips for me for majoring in music(instrumental-cello)!?
I want to major in music performance and music education(instrumental, probably cello) and was wondering if anyone could give me the pros and cons and a little bit of advice to prepare myself!. also i'm going to college probably in 2011 and i olny just started playing last september but will most likely be in orchestra next year!. i'm worried that since i haven't been playing that long that will put me at a disadvantage but im working hard to learn everything i can before then!. If anyone could give me the pros and cons of majoring in music performance and some advice, that would be great!.
oh and also what are some good colleges/universities for good music education and i'm also homeschooled!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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I'm a double major in music and art and my instrument happens to be cello as well!. The best advice I can give you is to practice!. Practice really boring stuff!. Practice everything with a metronome!. Push your boundaries!. Purchase Louis Feuillard's Daily Exercises for Cello and spend at least an hour on selected exercises every day!.

Some of the pros of being a music major!.!.!.

-The music building becomes like a second home and it's nice if you just want to go somewhere to sit but not in your dorm!.
-Music students form a pretty tightly knit community because of the fact that you will either play in an ensemble or have class with everyone at some point over your college experience
-You will receive serious one on one instruction!.!.!. something that doesn't really happen in other majors unless there is a special circumstance

The bad stuff!.!.!.

-You have to practice!. A lot!. At least 3 hours a day is what will be expected of you!.
-It is hard to meet people outside the school of music because you will spend so much of your time there with the same people every day
-Juries suck
-The first time you study with a new/different teacher, you will feel like you never learned how to play cello in the first place (this gets better though!)

I am at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio and the school of music here is very laid back and relaxed, but you will receive conservatory level training if you make the effort!.

best of luck!Www@QuestionHome@Com

i'm really sorry to say but if you want to major in music performance and music education and you've only just started playing, you'll be at a huge disadvantage!. usually people have been taking lessons and playing in orchestras for ten years or more before majoring in music!. i wouldn't advise it but if you'd like to major in music you'll have to work very very very hard over the next year!. take private lessons, join orchestra, and practice practice practice!. there's not much more that can be done!. i'm sorry again but best of luck to you!.Www@QuestionHome@Com