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Question: Nervous when playing the violin!.!?
So I play the violin and really really love it ! I have played in front of people a small handful of times and was nervous but got over it and did fine!. And at my most recent recital I wasn't nervous at all!. But still at my last violin lesson my teacher ( who I thoroughly enjoy ) got me to start a scale and do this song with this other student in the room and i totally was nervous while playing and screwed up a piece I knew well! How can I stop being so nervous about the little stuff!? Oh yah and some times I am just nervous to play for my teacher !! ( she is an amazing violinist !!!)Www@QuestionHome@Com

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the only thing that I know works, is to forget about someone listening and concentrate on playing the music!.
It may sound too easy, but if you only think about the music, there is nothing that should make you nervous!.
If you are thinking: What will they think, you will be nervous!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Oh, jeez!. I was totally like that when I played the violin!. I wish I would've kept going!. Whatever you do, don't stop unless you absolutely have to!. You'll regret it later!. I know I do!.

But to answer your question, just breath and relax!. Practice and do the best you can do, and you'll be fine!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

do u know Shaq the basketball player!?!.!.!.well anyways, he is known for being the worst basketball free throw-er!.!.!.it does not make any sense cuz free throws are suppose to be like the easiest thing to do in basketball!.!.!.no one is trying to steal the ball or trying to foul u!.!.!.yet Shaq seems to miss every free throw possible!.!.!.sometimes we mess up on the small things and have no clue why!.!.!.and soar on the big things and we have no clue why!.!.!.but all of it still happens!.!.!.its okay for u to feel nervous when u play with one other student!.!.!.u r feeling nervous cuz u feel under pressure as u play with this one other person!.!.!.u don't want to be the one responsible for making a mistake out of the 2 of u and messing up the piece of music!.!.!.feeling under pressure is causing u to feel nervous, which causes u to mess up the music piece that u knew o so well!.!.!.like Shaq does when he aims for that basketball net at the free throw line!.!.!.u r nervous in front of ur teacher some times cuz she means a lot to u!.!.!.u value her opinions and her criticism!.!.!.and in all honesty!.!.!.u don't want to disappoint her!.!.!.cuz of this the pressure returns to haunt you once again!.!.!.!.Www@QuestionHome@Com