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Question: How to change viola note to violin!?
I want to play a viola score by violin!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Viola is written in Alto Clef (also known as "C" Clef) and Violin is written in Treble Clef (or "G" Clef) The Lines on the treble clef are

E - G - B - D - F
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The spaces are plain as the nose on my

F - A - C - E

It's just the opposite with the Alto clef however!.

The spaces (starting with the space just below the first line) are
E - G - B - D - F- A
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To transpose from Alto Clef to Treble Clef, you have to bring every note down seven Spaces!. (one short of an octave) Since Middle C is the third line in the alto clef, (from the bottom to the top of course) and middle C is the first ledger line Below the Staff in the Treble Clef, you have to physically more that middle C down from the middle of the staff to the ledger line just below it!.

The other thing you need to consider is the difference in the range between the two instruments!. The Viola can go down to a Low C! (that's a fifth lower than the Violin can go) so if the Viola music is in the lower range, you may actually have to transpose the music Up an octave in order to play it on your instrument!. This is a lot easier, since all you have to do is to move each note up one step (The same C would move from the Third line, to the third space, but it would then become the the C that is one octave higher than Middle C, or second string - Second finger low!. (or 2/2 down)

It is often easiest to scan the music into a notation program like Finale or Sibelius, check it for mistranslations (mistakes) and then let the program do the transposing for you!. This does two things:

1!. It allows you to actually hear the part in both ranges!.
2!. You could even transpose it both ways and decide which version you like best!.

As long as the music doesn't go below a Low G, you really don't have a problem, but I wanted to bring it up just in case!. Places like Sheetmusicdigital!.com will also transcribe the music for you for as little as twenty five cents a measure!. I am mentioning them because this is a new service that they offer, and because Michael Daly has been kind enough to host my sheet music on his site for free!. You can download my music for free, as you can many other files on his site, but he has a pay section as well!. I do not profit or benefit from mentioning his site, other than the chance I have to express my gratitude for his generosity, and the fact that if people continue to use his site, it keeps him in business which allows him to continue to host my sheet music files!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

The alto clef and treble clef are 2 different clefs!. You have a few options!.
1!. Learn how to read alto clef (google alto clef and you'll find something)
2!. Ask your orchestra teacher or private teacher to help you transpose it!.
3!. Sit down on your own with a chart of alto notes and copy each note to treble clef!.
4!. Look for a treble transposition of the song on google!.

You could also buy a music software, but those are awfully pricey!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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