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Question: When stringing an acoustic guitar with bridge pins, does it matter if the end of the string sticks out!?
I just put new strings on my acoustic guitar and if your a guitar player, you know that on the end of strings there is a ball, about a half an inch of string, then a notch!. When I put the strings on, the notch ended up pulling out from under the bridge pin, instead of staying inside the bridge with the pin!. So now when I play occasionally, the strings will buzz against the bridge only when I play A, A sharp, or B on the A, D, and G strings!. Does the notch sticking out make this happen!? And if so, why!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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In time with acoustic guitars you need to get bigger bridge pins because the acoustic guitar strings wear away the bridge holes in the body of the guitar!.

But when you string the guitar up you need to keep the ball inside the guitar body where the pins hold it in place!.

If you look closely where the ball is wound the string is slightly thicker from the whole string you play!. That i because it is meant to grip to the bridge and bridge pins of the guitar!.

When time goes by doing what you do will in time prevent the bridge pins from holding a tight fit to the bridge holes!. So you will need to go out and buy new bridge pins which are not expensive en less you get metal ones or brass ones!. Which is normally for the metal and brass can cost 30 dollars!. But the hard plastic, or Acrylic will cost about 5 to 10 dollars!.

You can buy them here

But I suggest you go through a music store so you can find the right ones to fit into without shipping and the waiting period of returning product!.

Depending to you might need to buy a new saddle for the bridge of the guitar that will provide the right tension of the acoustic guitar strings!.

Depending also what strings you use on your acoustic guitar also can cause them strings to slide out of place and detune!. But when stretching the strings they will detune for a day to a week!.

Finding the right strings are as important to you as finding the right guitar or anything!. If you are using electric guitar strings this can be why!.

I use electric guitar strings in my all acoustic guitars but I had to replace the pins to fit the strings in the holes snug!.

But if you do not know what you are doing I say stick with acoustic strings for the time being so when you learn more about guitar you will know how to modify it to put on differen parts!.

Any more questions E-mail me!.

I hope this helped sorry for the large ammount of reading!.Www@QuestionHome@Com