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Question: Pickup color choice on Silverburst guitar!?
I recently purchased a Les Paul copy with a Silverburst finish!. Have a couple of Gibsons but wanted a similar guitar (not epiphone) to fool around with some mods!. First thing I plan to do is switch the pickups with a pair of Seymour Duncans ('59/JB setup)!. I am torn between the silver covered (as pictured in the link), or plain uncovered Black!. Opinions!?


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It doesn't sound like you're looking for anything but an opinion on the color choice, so i'll stick with that!. I have an epiphone silverburst (so dont be slammin epis) and had the same issue!. Most silverbursts come stock with the covered pickups!. I wanted to change mine out as well!. i went with the black and am still happy with the choice!. It looks great with the black on the silver body!. They will look great with the darker ebony fretboard too on yours (not to mention the tone benefits of the ebony fb along with those SD pickups)!. good choice!. send an audio clip when you get them installed!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Uncovered pickups give you a slightly hotter sound!. Go uncovered is my vote!. For looks though, covered!. But I would go for sound!.


i like silver like the way that one is!. but none of us are going to be playing itWww@QuestionHome@Com