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Question: Is this a good guitar for a guitar first timer!?
I found this guitar at ebay and was wondering if it is a good guitar for a complete first timer at guitar and have decided to learn an electric!. is this a good guitar for me !?


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I'm guessing you live in the UK!.
The guitar looks OK, and from what I hear, Wilkinson hardware is pretty good!. And the pickups are made to GFS pickup specs, and I heard rave reviews about their sound!.

I'm guessing it might be pretty good!. Not all good guitars are brand name guitars!.
It IS risky buying sight unseen, but most guitars can be adjusted to play pretty well!. As long as the neck is made well, then the rest can be fixed up through adjustments!.

I had a "cheap" Univox Les Paul copy back in the 70's that played and sounded really really nice!. I loved it!. I had one bad tuning head that went out of tune a bit too often, but other than that it was great!.

However, you might also check out this guitar (It looks like my old one)


Epiphone is a reputable company, the features of this guitar meet or exceed the features of the other one!.
My picture avatar is of me playing a doublenecked Epiphone SG and it is a great guitar!.

I like the looks of the one you are asking about , too!.

But without getting to play it beforehand, I'd go with a known brand of quality guitar!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I would be very careful buying a guitar off of Ebay, Some korean guitars are good, others are crap, you won't know which until it arrives!.

try Musicians Friend you should be able to find a good starter guitar at a reasonable price!.


If the guitar meets the specs that are advertised I would say it is a very good guitar!. However, I would be skeptical about why they would build a guitar to those specs and not put a name on the headstock!. It just doesn't seem right!.Www@QuestionHome@Com