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Question: Best acoustic guitar!?
I want to buy a acoustic guitar that sounds good live, clear sounding and strong just incase it gets chucked about!.
something under £700 is preferable!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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go for a martin !. they are sort leading in that market !. they range from £450 to £2000 in england!.you will find that a lot professional musician play them !. there are also a few guitar magazines out there that do tests and recommend guitars!. for me martin has the best resonance and are easy on the old fingers !. the work fine with just a microphone ,but you probably thinking of a semi acoustic!. just make sure that it is easy to change and spread your fingering !.i like to pick a lot so the spacing of the strings is very important!. that part you will have to check out yourself in the shop!. try to be nice to it !. there is so much fun to be had with a working oneWww@QuestionHome@Com

I started playing a year ago!. I have an entry level Taylor!. It sounds rich!. I had the sales guy play several of them in the store and I took a song or two I knew to listen!. My friend that has played since a child, he turned 50 last year, has a used Martin and he really likes it!. It has a nice rich mellow sound as well!.

Have the salesman play it and just listen!. Then play around with it in the store!. Your ear will tell you which one has the tone and timbre that you ear finds pleasing!. I have been a church musician for years and knew pretty quickly that my Taylor guitar sounded the best of the $500-$600 range guitar for a beginner, The salesman told me he felt it would be the easiest to learn to play for me!. When I fiddled with it in the store, it was the easiest to grip and has an easy action!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

In your price range the two best acoustics, in my opinion at least, are the Taylor 214 and the Martin 000-16GT!. The Taylor GA3 is another one to look at along with the Larrivee L-03 and OM-03 models!. These are not dreadnoughts so you'll get a more clear sounding guitar since their tonal balance is more even!.

The problem with looking for a "strong" guitar is that strong guitars tend to be over-built and that is at the expense of sound and tonal production!. Better to get the best sounding guitar with a good hard case and to treat it gently!.

There are, by the way, many fine guitars made in England including Fylde, Stefan Sobell, and Peter Barton but they are (way) out of your price range!. Sone day, perhaps!. Good luck!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

A lot of "modern" acoustic players, like kaki king and preston reed, play Ovation - because they are easy to play, they feel a bit like an electric!. But most singer-songwriter types play a dreadnought!. Martin are usually viewed as the best in the business!. I would also look at lowden, and tanglewood make some good acoustics!. Check them outWww@QuestionHome@Com

As a guitar player for over 35 years I have a few recommendations!.

My personal favorite, which you can get for your price range is a MARTIN guitar!. They have a beautiful, rich, full sound and have great resale value!. They can range in price from $1000 (us) to $12,000 (us) - not sure what that works out to in pounds or euros,

For a very good, lower cost alternative I always recommend YAMAHA guitars!. They are very well made and have a lovely tone!.

I would say to avoid the following brands, for lots of reasons:
Fender - their accoustic guitars are horrible

If it's an option, I also recommend pawn brokers for great deals!. They never accept junk and used guitars are actually better than new guitars (because of the wood aging)

Good luck, and happy shopping!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

A Martin D-15, at the price you mentioned, is probably your best option!. Although that model of Martin is the least expensive, it competes well with my HD-35 Martin that cost $3,000!.

also look into lower priced Gibsons and Taylors!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I have an Ovation - decently priced, and sounds great live!. Plays like an electric too!.Www@QuestionHome@Com