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Question: How would i put together a stack guitar amp!?
do i just buy a head and a cab and then wire them together!. Please go through the process step by step!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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one head and a 4x12 cab is a half stack, a head and 2 4x12 cabs is a stack - make sure your impedances are correct - valve amps are fussy about the right output impedance - an 8 ohm cab needs an 8 ohm output setting on the head - 2x8 ohm cabs in parallel need a 4 ohm output setting, in series, they need a 16 ohm output!. Most transistor ( solid state ) amps are less fussy!. Hope this helps!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Well, first you want to define the sound and setup that you want - what general sound, how many watts, if there are specific brands you want to focus on, etc!. While I'd like a Bogner Uberschall, I can't afford to spend 4 grand on a guitar head alone, so that's kinda out of the question, right!? So I have to narrow the field down by both what I want and what I can afford!.

I've had a number of different setups as the years have gone by, and so I have a pretty good idea of what I want and how to get it - that really helps! Spending a lot of time reading customer reviews (link below) will help you narrow your search - you can't let price be your first consideration! For instance, I put together a rackmount setup at one point, but since I didn't like Line 6 and wanted to spend as little money as possible, I went with a Behringer V Amp Pro!. Big mistake - I should've read the reviews and specs and listened to sound samples a little more, it would've saved me a lot of aggravation!

So anyways, the idea is that you want to find an amp that will deliver the sound that you like, and couple it with a set of speakers that will complement that!. Speakers are an incredibly important part of your signal chain, and something that I would never ever skimp on - you want the highest quality speakers you can afford, the difference that a good set of speakers makes is huge!.!.!.

Think of it like this - it's the same difference that a really good guitar amp makes!.!.!. you can still use a cheap guitar on a good guitar amp and it'll still sound good, right!? Same thing with a good set of speakers - good speakers will make even a so-so amp sound much better!.

Alright, so let's take my current setup!. I've been looking to downsize for a long time, as a 100w tube amp and 4x12 cab is just too much for me any more - a smaller amp and smaller set of speakers is better not just for my back and for transportation, but an amp that sounds better at lower volumes is going to work better on stage and when recording as well!. So I have a Crate Powerblock that I've had hanging around the house for a while, and I just bought an Epiphone Valve Jr a little while ago as well!.!.!.!. so basically a 75w solid state amp and a 5w tube amp!.

I managed to find, after months of searching, a 2x12 cab that was both affordable and sounded good!.!.!. thank god for used gear! The only downside at this point is that both the Crate and the Epi are single-channel amps!.!.!. no separate clean/distortion channel!. That means I need a distortion pedal - well, no problem there, I've got a Metal Zone - and I use my Boss GT-3 for a signal processor (ie preamp and clean tones)!.

So I check the back of the cab, it is a 4ohm cab when in stereo, so I take my speaker cable and plug into the 4 ohm out on whichever amp I'm using!. Pretty straightforward!.!.!.!. plug in, tune up, turn on, rock out!

The beautiful thing is that the Epi is actually loud enough to jam in a full band situation! I just got some replacement tubes that I get to try out later on today, which should make it sound even better (Sovtek military grade!)!. Of course, the Crate works too!.!.!. I get good tone, it's a good thing!.

Hmmm!. I hope this helped, I think I rambled a bit!.!.!.