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Question: Songwriters in bands!?
when you perform a song you wrote yourself does it remind you of what it was you wrote it about while you're performing it or at least afterward!? Just curious!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Yes! Writing a song can be a pretty emotional event, something you invest a *lot* of time and energy into, and since you usually write about what you know, songs become tied into personal events and emotions!.!.!.!. they become little time capsules that remind you of past events, past memories, past relationships, whatever!.!.!.!. ha ha past gigs where I butchered them live!.!.!. ha ha!.!.!.!.


i play the drums and never wrote songs, but i know what the songs we played we're about!. actually, most of them werent as deep as they sounded we had a lot of songs about movies!. usually i felt pretty detatched to what the songs we're about though- probably because i was playing drums and could barely here anything else anywayWww@QuestionHome@Com