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Question: How do you play high notes on the flute!?
I've been playing the flute for about two years now, and I can't seem to play the notes with ledger lines that are above A flat!. In fact, I can't even really play A flat or even G when I haven't warmed up!. Whenever I try to play those extremely high notes, an airy sound that has little no resemblance to a note comes out, or a completely different note comes out!. I have already tried relaxing and tightening by embrochure, and nothing works!.

I really need help!. I have a test next week on the B flat scales and I can't even come close to playing high B flat!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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No need for me to post any details about this, after reading B Cooper - and SHE then referred the asked to Jen Cluff ( for the thousandth time - this is NOT me!!!!)

You need a FLUTIST - a private teacher, if even for a few lessons - to correct what you are doing!. Do NOT expect the student next to you to be any help - you need someone with MANY years of teaching experience to immediately diagnose and correct your embouchure!. As long as 1, you flute is not leaking!. 2!. you are using the correct fingerings and 3, - most important of all - your EMBOUCHURE is correct - things should start to really improve for you!. Good luck!Www@QuestionHome@Com

You need faster air flow to do those, and you might be rolling your flute a little as you tense for the effort!. Try to relax, or try rolling the flute just a touch one way and the other to counter the way you are rolling it when you tense up!. But the faster air flow may do it for you!. You really need to use your abdomenal muscles to shove the air out your lips faster, basically!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

NO NO NO NO NO! Do NOT use just faster air, Faster air will not work on its own! Its a combination of things!. High notes are achieved by mainly breath support and changing embouchure, fingering etc!. This is one of the biggest misconceptions that I have to correct as a Flute teacher!. Try moving the corners of your mouth IN! Try this


Your embouchure needs to become smaller!. Don't tense up, but do make the hole in your lips smaller!. also, you will need to have faster air!. Make sure you're blowing to your full potential!. Make sure that you are tonguing your notes (if articulating each one separately); if you try to do it without tonguing, it will make it more difficult!. It also helps to slur the scale and just blow through the whole thing!. Pretend like you're going to blow the notes through the walls into the next room!. It's really a matter of practice; that's really all the advice I can offer!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

bcooper is completely right!. Faster air will NOT help you! You need to have better air support and not a smaller embouchure, but a more FOCUSED one!. Try directing your air more downwards!. Even though it may feel more comfortable, do not roll in! When you breathe in, don't raise your shoulders!. Let your "belly" fill up with air (it's actually your diaphragm)!. Make sure that your posture is good!.
You can do exercises that will help!. Try going up by semitone and play the highest note you can WELL!. Only go up another semitone when you are happy with your previous note!
Good luck, high notes are tricky!Www@QuestionHome@Com

First of all, let's take a look air flow!. Make sure your breathing is good!. When you breathe your shoulders should stay relaxed and you should take in as much air as you can (you may need to practice this)!. During normal breathing we use only a fraction of our lungs, when we play an instrument (or sing) we want to use the full capacity of our lungs, so practice taking in as much air as you can!. You may find that just an increase in air flow may help your problem!. Next thing to try is a little odd; spitting rice!. That's right, I said "spitting rice!." Get a grain of uncooked rice and put in your mouth and try to spit it out between the center of the lips (and repeat several times)!. This will help you practice forming a tight hole on your embouchure!.Www@QuestionHome@Com