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Question: What should I play for my violin solo!?
I have to prepare a solo as my end-of-the-year music project!. I play the violin and I'm allowed to have accompaniment (preferably piano)!.

Any ideas on what I should play!? I want something that sounds NICE!. Last year I played Meditation from Thais so that should give you an idea of my level and what I perceive as "nice"!.

Thank you all in advance!

P!.S!. If you could provide the sheet music (free online or via email) I would be most grateful! :)Www@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
why don't you play "Czardas" by Monti!?
it's a very good song, challenging and requires high technique!

Or you can play Spring Sonata Op!.24 from Beethoven!. I love this one, especially the first movement!.

Have a try!
All d best for yoU!

will, i play the villin, and i have to do 2 solos and i got them from my teacher
one really good peice is CELTICA
but its not really a solo
but it has a solo part all throught the peiceWww@QuestionHome@Com

aire vare by charles dancla!. you should be able to find, tho my friend has it so i can't scan it!. it's fairly easy to me!. sounds gorgeous!!!Www@QuestionHome@Com