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Question: Another Guitar Recording Questiion!?
Ok, on a laney amp head, it says Line In, It says the Preamp signal wont pass through the power amp, what does that mean!?

Line Out Is what I connect the amp to the M-Box with right!?

and what does the Line In do!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
If you connect something with the Line In, what it means is that it will interrupt the signal from the normal input (which goes into the preamp)!.

Just to back up for a second, a signal normally goes into the front of the amp, enters the preamp where it is boosted and processed and clipped and eq'd and all that good junk, then it goes (as a line level signal btw) into the power amp where it is then amplified to speaker level!.

Line in bypasses the preamp, ie, deactivates it!. This is what you want to do with most multifx pedals, for instance!.!.!. a lot of them sound better when they don't go through a guitar preamp!.

Line Out is what you connect to the M-Box, yes!.

Line In is what you use when you're using a multifx pedal that already emulates an amp, or when you want to put a very uncolored tone through!. Preamps color your tone, and sometimes you don't want that, or want to substitute your own coloring instead, and just tap into the power amp directly!. That's what Line In is for!.

You may need to use some speaker emulation on the Line Out!.!.!. if it doesn't say Emulated on it, especially!. If you get a really hissy, noisy sound and you're like "hwaat!?" then you need to get a speaker emulator vst plugin, something like that!.

Umm, I would keep your speaker plugged in if you're using the Line Out!. Some amps are okay with being unplugged, but most aren't!. If it's a tube amp, it definitely must be plugged in to the speaker at all times when it's on!.

Good luck!