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Question: Help on knowing Notes!?
Okay, so In my orchestra class(i play violin so whatever staff that is) we are taking a note test and im failing! They give you the note on the staff and you have to indicate the note and if it is high or low (low 1 or high 3!.!.!.!.and low 2 and high 3! I don't understand how to decide which one! Please explain to me how to and I'll be sure to vote you Best Answer!Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Treble Clef is the staff!. Your five lines are E G B D F from bottom up (remember it as Every Good Boy Does Fine) and your space are F A C E from bottom up (remember it because it spells face)!. Now this system of "low 1" or "high 3" is not familiar to me, but it maybe be an indication of fingering (see the chart on the link below) and the low and high may relate to 1st and 2nd position)!. I suggest you talk to the teacher to clarify this!.

Your thickest string (and lowest note) on the violin is G that is written beneath the staff with two ledger lines above it!. That is your lowest note!. Then the note that sits on the line two ledger lines below the staff is your low A!. The note that sits below one ledger line is your low B, Your low C on the one ledger line, and D is just below the staff (this is your 2nd thickest string)!. Now you are on the staff bottom line E, first space F, 2nd line G, 2nd Space A, 3rd line B, 3rd space C, 4th line D, Fourth Space E, top line F!. Above the top line is G, on the first ledger line is A and above the first ledger line is B!. (Hope that helps some, but don't be afraid to ask the teacher for more clarification)Www@QuestionHome@Com