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Question: Sould I quit my band!?
I'm wondering if I should quit my band after 2!.5 years of gigging!. We play quite a bit and make decent money ($600+), though my bandmates seem to be switching up our style!. I'm a blues guitarist and LOVE playing the blues and everyone in the band is the same way, though recently my bandmates have been wanting to add some "crowd pleasers" to our lineup which don't represent our true style!. I understand that they want to get the "drunk crowd" stoked and dancing, though I just don't get into the music when I am forced to play something I don't want to!.

also, I'm away at college with one of our bandmates (4 hours from the rest of the band) and I'm in my Senior year and really need to be focusing on school, though the rest of the band is always scheduling gigs and "forcing" me to make the four hour drive down to Minneapolis to play!. It's alright because we get paid, but I lose so much focus on school when I have to keep doing this every weekend!. I have told them before to go light on the gigging during the college schoolyear, though they continue to blow off my needs and desires by continually booking gigs!.


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Well first of all sit down with them and tell them the pros's and con's of your situation!. Put forward your ideas, as in "maybe we can do a different style song once every few gigs!." Your a band, and every band must have a genre!. It doesn't help if the bands music is all different because people lose interest!.

Secondly, having to drive 4 hours to play a set is a bit much!. Just a) reinforce that they need to go lighter on the gigging as you are studying and need to focus a bit more (as they should have known) and b) suggest getting gigs that are maybe either half way or alternate between where you are close to and where u go now!.

Make sure you clearly state what u need and want!. And if they do not wish to make any changes or take into consideration what u need and want then it is probably best to leave the band and find another one closer to jam with for some fun!. Or wait until you've finished you're study!.

I wish you the best of luck :)Www@QuestionHome@Com

Why waste your time playing music that doesn't define you!. Why waste your time here, doing something you dread, while you can be pursuing your real interests!.

You're going to have to quit man!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

this may be a hard decision but i suggest that u leave and find another band at ur college to play with!. These types of things happens all the time and it can't be help, take GnR for instance!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

whats your bands nameWww@QuestionHome@Com

1st) If it in anyway gets in the way of college, then drop it!. School comes first!. Do not allow anything to get in the way of school!.

2nd) Consider your band like a family!. In a family we all have to give a little!. So if I had to give a little I would but I would most certainly draw the line somewhere!. You cant drift to far from your style and reason for playing!. Being flexible is part of being family but don't give up everything!. A couple songs maybe, but not a whole set!. Be fair to them !. You will know where is a fair place to draw the line without selling yourself out!. Remember , it isn't all about you, but you still have to balance that with being true to yourself!.Www@QuestionHome@Com