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Question: Would this be a good song to play on the guitar!?

I just love this song and the movie!. xD
And I want to start playing the guitar, I might ask my parents if I can get guitar lessons, but for right now I'll just ask my dad and sister to help me because they play!.

also, is it hard to start playing the guitar!?


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Listening to "The Wildwood Flower" has returned long-forgotten memories when I first took up the guitar in 1956!. All Country guitarists cut their string-teeth (if there is such a thing) on that old Country tune made famous by the Carter Sisters of the 1940s!.

Because you'll be starting out fresh on the guitar I'd recommend you learn the song in the key of C rather than the key of E in which it is played in the video!.

You only have a few chords to use in the key of C which are: C, G7, C7, and F!.

The F chord will be the most difficult of them all, but one of prime importance!.

Playing the guitar for a beginner is difficult because you'd have to move beyond the painful fingertips until the needed calluses arrive!. This is usually the first big test to determine whether or not a person will play guitar!.

I'm sure your dad and sister can get you started on the above basic chords I mentioned and can guide you through playing "The Wildwood Flower!."Www@QuestionHome@Com

hey, amazing song!.

guitar is te best thing ive done, hard or not DO IT!!

if you want any tips or owt add me on xatticus-mushx@hotmail!.com and ill point you on ya way/


easy i could learn that in about 10 minutesWww@QuestionHome@Com