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Question: Im new to guitar, and need some help!?
i've been taking lessons for a few weeks now - and my fingers are just now starting to not hurt (hooray)!.!.!.but my question actually has nothing to do with how to play the guitar!.

i have this strange buzz when i play!. I KNOW it's coming from the 1st string tuning peg!.!.!.which i think is strange!. If i strum anything loud enough, then it makes that peg vibrate and buzz like there's no tomorrow!. If i have someone hold the peg while i play, then it doesn't buzz!.!.!.also, if i pluck a string (any of them) strong enough, then it will buzz!.!.!.that's how i originally found out what was making the noise!.

anyway -all that to say - how do i fix it!? should i get new tunign pegs!? is that common to do!? are they easy to change!?

my guitar is a Jasmine by Takamine acoustic-electric!. I really like it, cept for this nasty buzz that has started to annoy me!.

thanks for all your help!.!.!.and if you want to throw in some playing/practicing tips, that'd be appreciated too!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
There is a small threaded nut on each peg, on the face side of the head stock, just under the string!. Is it tight!? Quite often they will work loose and cause a it to buzz!. Check and make sure it is tight, if not, turn it just a little bit, counterclockwise and see if it will help!. Although they are inexpensive, Jasmines are well built, quality guitars, I've owned several!.
Tip 1,,, the strings on a guitar with standard 440A tuning are E, A, D, G, B, E!. An easy way to remember this is Elephants And Donkeys Grow Big Ears!.
Tip 2,,, get some Fast Fret, it's about $5 at any music store, is a small brush like thing in a plastic can!. Use it to clean and condition your strings and fretboard!. Your strings will last about 4 times as long, it will be slicker, easier to play, and it protects the wood on your fretboard from corrosion caused by natural oils from your hands!. Washing your hands before every playing session is also a good idea!.
Tip 3,,, If you have trouble with the pick sliding between your thumb and fingers or dropping it (A common problem, especially during winter when humidity is low) get some Gorilla Snot!. It's a waxy rosin like stuff in a tiny screwtop bottle that you apply a small amount to your pick and it makes it extra grippy!.
Tip 4,,, Checkout some of the free lessons and other good stuff at http://www!.guitargearheads!.com and http://www!. guitaralliance!.com !. Places like that are great resources, especially for the beginner or when you feel like you've reached a plateau and can't seem to progress any more!.

Good Luck,, Guitar playing is a great hobby,

EDIT,, Bud, the truss rod only effects the backward or forward bow of the neck, it has nothing to do with vibration in the tuning gears!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

OK i had the same problem when i was playing and some the kids i show how to play guitar have the same problem!. if it is occurring with a open strum (no fingers on the fretboard) then you need to have the truss rod adjusted at your local guitar shop!. second is if you are pressing down on the strings try adjusting the pressure applied to the strings!. Hope this helps and good luck!.

i have a 1000$ guitar that has this problem just don't strum to hard and it may stop!. but most likely it can be fixed by a guy/gal at your local guitar shopWww@QuestionHome@Com

Take a wrench!. Put a piece of fabric over the end of it!. Put it on the threaded nut on the guitars tuner that is buzzing!. Oftentimes, it can ride up when you string the guitar backwards - the nut rises, and the washer underneath it vibrates when playing on the thicker gage strings!. Take the wrench and turn it so it matches flush with the headstock!.

You may also need to adjust your truss rod/nut on your guitar, maybe even get a new nut!. The buzz may be caused by the action!.!.!.

By the way, that Weaseltail's message!.!.!. It doesn't even answer the question!. If you do have pick problems, just get a Fin Pick or take a razor and slice up the part of the pick you hold!. Better grip!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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