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Question: Were WW2 pow and allowed money!?
were any non-traiter POWSs allowed to have money in WW2!.just something i saw on tv and do not remember from school if it was covered at allWww@QuestionHome@Com

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In Australia, during WW2, POW's made their own currency!.


The above page is just one link!. I was looking for another link to show you buy no luck so far!. This is a extremely rare coin that collectors seek, which was POW currency made in Australia!. My mother tells me as a young woman had POW's working on the family farm and they had their own currency!. I heard of this currency from other people!.
The foreign POW's spoke little English and would pick up a little Australian slang spoken by the guards and not know what it meant!. A common slang term is 'goodonya' which is a combination of words which comes from "good on you"!. As 'goodonya' sounded Italian, the Italian POW's picked this one up!. The Aussie guards would compliment an Italian POW when they did the right thing and say "You are worth a couple "goodonyas"!. When the POW's made their own coins, they needed a name, and thus the minted coins were called "goodonyas"!.

I am told that the POW's used goodonyas for currency between themselves and would sell handcrafts to the guards for 'goodonyas', and the guards would accept goodonya's for a few extras prisoners wanted such as local farm produce or items not generally issued to prisoners like boot polish and razors!.

A side note!.!.!. my mother told me the Italian POW's camped in the hay barn without any guards, while the German POW's were marched in and out each day at gunpoint as deemed the higher risk of escape!. Japanese POW's were not allowed out of the prison camps at all!. Do a google on "Cowra Japanese POW escape": and you will see why!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

A POW in enemy land won't be given anything except the most basics of survival!.

If you're talking about the POW that came back and given money as 'compensation'!.!.!.well, I don't think so!. After WW2 pretty much all the veterans have help with financing education and a house, that's why the 50's were so 'perfect'!. The economy was doing well, education was available to pretty much anyone and people started reproducing leading to the Baby Boomers!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

hum!.not sure what you're asking!.!.!.!.!.most Allied POWs were still"on the books" so they received their back pay once liberated!.!.!.!.and of course there were a lot of Veteran benefits after the war!.!.!.!.!.housing grants, GI Bill for college!.!.!.!.Russian POWS held by the GErmans and the few Japanese POWs held by the Allies were set free; Japan eventually compensated their guys, the Russians did little or nothing

as far as was there spending money in the camps!? No!. Allied POWS held by the Germans got very basic food allowances, and the occasional International Red Cross basic package!.!.!.Allied POWs held by the Japanese were mostly starved almost to death, and about 30% were actually worked to death or allowed to die from disease!.!.!.!.

what the German and Russians did to their POWs was about as bad and the mortality rate was over 50%!.!.!.!.in fact the Russians held a lot of Germans right up through the 50's!.!.!.!.!.!.!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Yeah sure, that way they could fill up their pretty little handbags and go to the mall and by ice-creams for their children!. How else do you reckon those Asian markets became so inflated!.Www@QuestionHome@Com