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Question: Which did you find more theologically sophisticated, Exorcist I or Exorcist II!?
You're opinion of both is, of course, welcome, but compared to each other !.!.!.!. how do you find them!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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What does this have to do with History!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

the Exorcist is actually my favorite movie

The first Exorcist is VERY GOOD

the second one is TERRIBLE, not as bad as the Third one with George C Scott, but numbers 2 & 3 are bad

Definitely, the first one is more sophisticated!. First consider the scene between the Fr!. Merrin and the statue of Pazuzu encapsulates the whole movie!. This scene occurs around minute 11 to 15 on the dvd!. Just before this scene you see dogs fighting!. Now one could say this is just two dogs fighting, but the idea is that the evil spirit is controlling these animals just like the demon will control other animals later in the movie!. If you watch the 2000 release of the Exorcist, you see the dialouge between Merrin and Karras where Merrin reminds us that the demon wants us to feel like animals outside of G-d's love!. Aside from this, consider the death of the director, Mr!. Burke Dennings, in the movie that Reagan's mother is starring!. After Burke's death, Reagan's case becomes much worse!. In the 2000 release, she spider walks down the stairs and she is bleeding from the mouth!. this is believed that Reagan has been sexually assualted/raped that the demon had possessed Dennings assualted Reagan then threw Dennings out the window and repossessed Reagan!. During the masterbaition scene, the demon uses Burke's voice and uses the word cu*nting!. If you remember, Dennings used the same word when he was messing with Karl, Chris MacNeils' house servant!. A related part of the sexual assualt motif is seen later in the scene when where the priest is bringing in flowers, the 'smell of sanctity', he sees that the statue of the Virgin Mary has been defiled!. You probably know that when women have their first time, there is bleeding!. This is expressed when there is a phallus covered in blood between the statue's legs!. and the breasts and hands are covered in blood!. This is likely done to throw people off so people don't get the imagery!. It is interesting that the actual case from which William Peter Blatty wrote his novel, the case of the boy in Maryland, it was alleged that the boy was sexually assualted as well!.Www@QuestionHome@Com


I think that Excorsist I was better mainly because I'm more of an "original" person myself!.


Both rather ridiculousWww@QuestionHome@Com