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Question: Please help! about Alexander the Great and Shi Huangdi!?
what are the simmi;arities and differences between these two!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Alexander the Great was Macedonian!. He was born in -356 and died young in -323 in Babylon, at the age of 33!.
Shi Huangdi (also Chin Shih Huag Ti) was Chinese, born around -259 and died in -210 at the age of 49!.
Both had a premature death!.
Both were great rulers who marked their time!.
Both conquered vast territories through wars and battles!.
Both unified these diverse territories and peoples under one rule!.
Both had a sort of a dream of ruling the whole universe as it was known to them!.
Both did all that through military expeditions!.
Both wanted to rule alone!.
Both presented features of megalomania!.
Both represented the Law of their empire!.
Both were strict!.
Both were unbeatable at war!.
They both had people tortured to confess!.
They both showed cruelty!.

When a ruler has to administer a huge empire, the laws have to be respected, and the emperor has to make people obey the laws by force!.
Alexander has ordered some of his companions (= nobles cavalry men who grew up with him or grew up with his father like Parmenio) executed when they were plotting against him!.
Sometimes he did it without a trial, or with a trial where the outcome had to be his wish: everyone knew about it!.
Alexander the Great grew cruel after his two years in Bactria!.
Alexander the Great took a guru from India, to accompany him on his trip back!. So he looked mystical!.
Alexander the Great was always performing religious ceremonies and praying to the Gods!.
He proclaimed himself a god!.

Shi Huangdi, unlike Alexander (or Caesar or Augustus) was a brutal, violent person!. Whereas Alexander was brutal at times only!.
Shi Huangdi was brutal permanently!.
Shi (for Shi Huangdi) was cruel to the extreme of cruelty!.
When someone in a family was convicted of a crime, the whole family was punished!. Alexander had Philotas killed, then Philotas' father, but not the whole family!. He figured that Parmenio and his son Philotas were plotting against his life and he wanted to protect himself!. That was the rule of the game then!.
Shi did not forgive and was quite blood thirsty!.
Alexander spared the whole family of Darius III of Persia and his mother, Sysigambis died three or five days after Alexander because she liked Alexander so much!.
While Shi was surrounding himself with magicians, and searching for the elixir of immortality, Alexander had just one guru and allowed him to commit suicide on a pyre!.
Alexander was full of respect for the elders, for traditions, for the gods, for life!. He did not kill just for the pleasure of killing!.
Alexander wanted his vast kingdom unified, but he did not want to force the Persians to dress like Macedonians!. Or the Macedonians to dress like Persians!.
He organized a mass-marriage in Susa in -324, to marry Greco-Macedonians to Persians and to Bactrians, in order to have a harmonious diversity!. He himself married a Bactrian woman!.
Shi did not care about marrying whom to whom!.
He wanted to be the only person with power in his empire!.
At the end of his reign, almost everybody was convicted of a crime and wore a red garment showing their guilt, their crime!.
Alexander did not multiply rules, and in a secret manner, just to incriminate innocent people who did not know the new rules!. He was not setting traps for people!.
Shi died almost mad because he had drunk potions containing mercury, and poisons!.
Alexander may have been poisoned by some murderers, but he was not mad!. He was conscious and clear until the end!.
Alexander wanted a unified code of law!. But Shi created "legalism" in which the culprits were tortured, burned in a cauldron or torn by horse- drawn chariots!.
When people were caught, they were guilty until proven innocent!.They were judged by judges appointed by Shi, with no lawyers, no jury!.
Alexander in Opis made a prayer which resemble to the pledge to the flag of the US of A!. He had softened himself, and wanted harmony under one God!.
Shi built a great wall around his country!. Not Alexander!.
For his tomb, Shi had a huge mausoleum built, the size of a city and thousand of sculptors work to create a huge army of clay soldiers all looking towards the east that he, Shi, had conquered!. This army is the famous Terracotta warriors army of Xi'an in China!.
Shi was the first emperor of the Qin dynasty (pronounced shin) which gave the name to the country (China)!.
Alexander was not the first emperor in Iran: he was following the great emperors Cyrus the Great, Darius the Great!. His father was a king!. He was the first Macedonian to rule over such a huge area (from eastern Mediterranean coast to India)!.
Alexander had rebels killed, but forgave the others, and put aside all bad feelings (which apparently his companions did not do toward him)!.
Shi never put aside hatred!.
Shi suppressed the freedom of thought, had Confucius' books burned along with their scholars alive!
Shi levyied heavy taxes in order to have a huge system of roads built, and his terracotta soldieWww@QuestionHome@Com

Well i know alot about Alexander but i dont know who in hell shi huangdi was!. Well alaxander the great was a greek leader very inspiring to his men in battle!. Some times to inspire his men he would ride to the enemie before his men even got there!. He would rebuild citys after being destroyed!. He would tend to all wounded men after a battle!. Well if i had my histroy book i could do alot more for you!.Www@QuestionHome@Com