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Question: World War One Overview!!?
Can someone please give me just a basic overview of what happened in WW1!? Like people, places, the result, things like that!.
Thank you!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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WW1 overview
Began in August 1914, with the German invasion of neutral Belgium!.Ended 11 November 1918
British Empire,France,Russia,Italy(1915) and USA (1916) known collectively as The Allies against Germany,Austria-Hungary,Turkey known collectively as the Central Powers!.
Leaders: France - President Poincare in 1914,replaced by Clemenceau(1916)!.Army commanders: Joffre (!914) Petain (1916) Nivelle (1917) Foch (1918)
Britain - Prime Minister Asquith (1914) replaced by LLoyd George (1916)
Army commanders Sir John French (1914) replaced by Douglas Haig (1915)
Russia - Czar Nicholas II,who also commanded the Army from 1916,replacing Grand Duke Nicolas!.Replaced by Kerensky (1917) and then Lenin (also 1917) who pulled Russia out of the war!.
USA - President Woodrow Wilson,army commander General Pershing
Germany - Kaiser Willhelm Army commanders: Von Moltke (1914) Falkenhayn (1915) Hindenburg and Ludendorf (1916)
Austria-Hungary - Emperor Franz Josef (died 1916) Army commander - Hotzendorf
Turkey- ruled by Sultan Mohammed V !.Army commander - Enver Pasha!.
Most fighting was in Northwest France and Belgium (The Western Front) and in modern day Poland and Ukraine (the Eastern Front)!.There was some fighting in Turkey (The Gallipoli campaign,1915-1916) and the Middle East and East Africa!.!.There was one major naval engagement between the British and German fleets at Jutland (1916) in the North Sea!.
Major battles,Western Front: First Marne (1914) Verdun (1916) The Somme (1916) Passchendaele (1917) Ludendorf Offensive (1918) Meuse-Argonne Offensive (1918)
Eastern Front: Tannenberg (1914) Brusilov Offensive (1916) Riga (1917)!.
In March 1917,the first Russian Revolution removed the Czar from power!.Lenin's Bolshevik revolution in November 1917 established a communist regime which took Russia out of the war!.
The result - total victory for the remaining Allies!.The German, Austria-Hungarian and Turkish empires all disappeared!. The territory went to create new countries such as Poland and Yugoslavia!.The former Turkish Empire was divided between France and Britain!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Well the cause of it was the Austrian-Hungarian king Ferdinand and his wife Sofie, who were killed in the their car while traveling trough Serbia!. Then from there on the war began!. But you can go look it up online, they have a ton on it!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Germany was a hypocritical European state which wanted to force the neighbor countries under its rules, in other hands the European states wanted to settle the world problem in a way or an other, so the world war one started and ended with result of the new world order!. The world war two is known as "the war to end all wars"!.Www@QuestionHome@Com