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Question: Franz ferdinand (not the band xD )!?
why you think this one event was so important, draw on your knowledge of the long-term causes of WW1

can you help me with this!?
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I think this specific event was so important because it was the spark that set off the war!. Long term events are : the arms race, the alliances and empires!. For many years Britain and Germany had been rivals, they were getting more and more competitive!. They tried to get the largest empire, the best soldiers and weapons and they joined forces to get the best allies!. After all this their rivalry had been brewing for many years they needed an excuse to start war!. Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo by Garvilo Princip and Germany declared war on Austria-Hungary!. Serbia joined with Russia and France!. Germany then declared war on Russia and France and invaded France through Belgium!. Since Britain agreed to help Belgium in war they declared war on Germany on 4th August 1914!.

I Think this is an important event, it would not necessarily have started a war, but because of the events leading up to it, it was sort of the final straw for Britain!. They had no choice but to declare war!.!.

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Prior to the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife Isabella, Europe had been caught up in a huge and mighty arms race!.
Germany was seeking an Empire to equal that of the UK and to do so, it would need to protect it's foreign interests!. Firstly from the people they would occuppy and secondly from any nation that would forcibly remove it from them!.
So Germany set about creating the biggest Navy the world had ever seen!. Not to be out done, nor to be out gunned the UK followed suit and increased it's Navy!. Germany expanded her army and so did all her allies!. The UK and all of her allies did the same with each countries force acting as the others deterrant and this carried on until war began looming!.
European countries were tied to each other by treaties that had been signed in the previous century!. Now that war was looming ever closer these treaties began to strangle Europe and became objects of inconvenience when it came to diplomacy amongst European leaders!.
By the beginning of 1914 the whole of Europe was teetering on the edge of an abyss of war!. Diplomacy was now dogma and too much time and effort was called for when nations had to speak politely to each other via diplomatic envoys!.
Soon it was easier to make war inevitable!. It would be swift, brutal and bloody, but it would also let off a lot of steam and be over by Christmas!.
So, a catalyst was sought after and the assassination of Franz Ferdinand and his wife at the hands of a Serbian student was the ideal one!.
The rest is history!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

The assassination of Ferdinand led to war among the Balkan states!. Then Russia backs Serbia, Austria went to war against Serbia, and Germany supports Austria!. Germany then decides to have a two-front war with France and Russia, and invades Belgium (angering England)!. Now most of Europe is involved in the conflict, thus we have the beginnings of WWI!.

Well he was killed by a serbian man which made austria want to fight serbia then russia got involved and everything went pear shaped thats all i remember lol sorry hope this helps