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Question: Is the purpose of this section to do homework!?
If not, why do so many people answer cut and pasted history homework!? It's one thing to HELP (not do) when the kids at least try to ask a question, but why help them cheat!?
(I think all the 'thumbs downs' for just giving web sites or research pointers hilarious! Must hit a cheating nerve!)Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Question or opinion Feisty!? Just curious! =)

Touche! I suppose I should answer in a similar manner!! lol
Some people would say you are just one of those uptight personalities that has a little bit of perfectionist in you and of lot of ethical correctness as well!.!.!.!.I am not sure as that is a fair judgement- especially seeing as I don't know you from Adam!.!.!.

I think you are asking a fair question though and a bunch of young upstarts get on here and ask brain dead questions!. This is just so symptomatic of American culture that has become so dull and non- thinking! geez!.!.!.now I sound like I am an education reformer!!

I think it is ok to ask for help- Answers from yahoo have saved my butt several times- but they were tough ones!.!.!.not just copy and paste from the book!.!.!. which I suppose is your point- reasonable requests for homework help!.!.!.

I think perhaps you are getting a little too hung up on the issue!.!.!. remember, it is they are going to take the blow for not working or thinking for themselves!.!.!. not you!

Well, I have rambled incoherently long enough!.!.!. just remeber what it was like to be a kid and feel stuck sometimes!.!.!. =)

keep on the sunnyside- and maybe I should stop helping cheaters!.!.!. lolWww@QuestionHome@Com

I agree with you, but what is the solution to this!? Many people may have an answer to this and others don't it's a matter of how education system is run, and how institutions and people want to criticise the system!.!.!.!.

Homework is suppose to help the student to learn and broadening their knowledge in that area!. If people choose to cheat I think it's a shame because they are the ones who are going to lose out!.!.!.

As for the institution giving students links just encourages them to cheat!. But, however, it's up to individual to make use of the links to carry out research not to abuse it!. As it is a two way process so you can argue from your point of view and from the teacher's point of view!.

I think parent's should play an active role when their kid are doing their homework and assist them to use the provided resources correctly!.!.!.!.

Then again it can be argue that what if the child's parents are educated then what the child does!.!.!.!. It's an awkward one really!.

Nowadays, teacher's haven't got the passion to teach kid's to learn the subject, like they did decades ago and just there for the money and waiting for their shift to finish!.!.!.!. (this is my personal opinion)!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I agree!. This is cheating!. I have used the copy and paste method on an occasion myself!. However, I did have more than one question in the same category that the one answer I did get gave way to knowing how to get the answer to the rest!. I even got stuck and asked the same question using a different problem to understand what I was doing!. This site has been a big help for me anyway!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I say to help someone either cross the street or to help open a door, either way!. The helper is now being judged by the onlooker!. What a world we live in that some people judge just to judge!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Work smart not hard rite!? ; )Www@QuestionHome@Com

teachers do that at my school too its so stupidWww@QuestionHome@Com