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Question: What would commoner children in 18th century France wear to church!?
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Well, this depended on the time of year!. Remember, there was not really a middle class of people- you were either rich or poor!. So, they would only have had a few pairs of clothes at the very most!. Many poor people had one set of clothing for Sundays and special occasions and then they had a few other pieces for their everday labor!.

Girls would have worn homespun wool dresses and the like during the colder months and would have worn lighter material such as muslin or linen in the cooler months!. Colors would have been rather plain for commoners- no fancy patterns or prints for them!

Boys would have worn breeches made from wool or cotton depending on the weather and muslin white/off-white long sleeved loose fitting shirts all year round!.

From a website I list below, they say,"Less well known are the coarse clothing of flax and wool worn by the poorer classess!. Cotton which in the 18th century was produced by the increasingly efficent processes of the Industrial Revolution became an important fabric for the humble classess, was still reltively expensive in the 17th century!. Period artists provide detailed depictions of both classes!."

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rags!. agreed!. they were mostly very poor or very wealthy!.
so they would wear old shoes fashioned together from pieces of cloth and leather or no shoes at all!. they would wear tights, broken ones, and maybe wear a tunic or an old, dirty shirt!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Flour sacks and hand me downs!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Rags!. They were very poor!.Www@QuestionHome@Com