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Question: Did they have mohawks in the 1940s!?
NOT the Indians, I mean normal white people!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Your question arises from a popular misconception!.

The Mohawk tribe were part of the Iroquois league of tribes and for the most part Mohawk warriors wore their hair uncut, long and loose!. Other Iroquois warriors such as the Cayugas often cut their hair off, leaving a central strip from front to rear or a bunch at the back, as did some of the neighbouring Algonquin tribes!.

Despite this error, the term "mohawk" has long been applied to the "central strip" haircut!.

In the book "Band of Brothers", mention is made of some members of the American Airborne units shaving their heads in this manner, some also applying warpaint before making the drops into Normandy in 1944 - it is entirely possible that some members of these airborne units were of Native American ancestry and encouraged other soldiers to do this - but the term "mohawk" was still a mistake!.


Well, not normal white people!.!.!.!.

My dad said his football team in the 30's would wear mohawks as a symbol of team identity and unity!. It made them stand out, and everyone recognized them as being part of a different group!.

Seems like not that much has changed!.!.!.!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

"During World War II, members of the allied Airborne soldiers shaved their hair into mohawks!. This, along with "warpaint" was intended to give them an intimidating appearance to German soldiers"

"Mohawks were popular with paratroopers in World War II, for obvious reasons: “We jump out of planes, and most of us will be dead when we hit the ground!. **** you!.” Paratroopers also yelled “Geronimo!” when they jumped; all this proves is that people don’t give a **** about the particulars of native American history!."Www@QuestionHome@Com