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Question: What do you know about the French Revolution!?

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at first France was composed of three estates: priest, nobles, and peasants

the peasants with all their problems try to have a better say in domestic matters (because it mostly involved them) not only were they refused but an irritating Queen named Marie Antoinette does and says a whole bunch of stuff like being Austrian (French hated Austrians, Austrians hated Prussians, Brits hated Russians, and Brits and French hate each other)

so the peasants got po'ed ransacked the place!. using the views of American (the key revolutionaries of that time) they set to create a democratic government, but the revolution left the country in disarray and anarchy tons of people kept trying to steal power but only one succeeded

Napoleon was that guy, I think you already know his story (and how he took over most of europe) po'ed the surviving Europeans banished Napoleon and tried to rebuild the French Empire!. one failed attempt later, they succeeded and the french revolution failed but not after sparking many nationalist revolution that eventually destroys Empire completely (see the world wars)Www@QuestionHome@Com

The french people grew tired of Louis 16th and eventually overthrew him!. He was caught trying to flee the country with his family!. Later their were two major political "clubs" called Jacobins and Girondists!. Their was a power struggle which the Jacobins eventually won!. When the Jacobins assumed power their was a mass execution of Girondists who opposed the newly anointed French republic!. Eventually a lawyer named Maximilien Robespierre assumed power!. Though he made sweeping changes to France and made the country more modernized he was also a cruel cold hearted individual who sent around 37 000 thousands to death!. Another key thing about the french revolution was the citizens who made up around 95-97% of the population!. Despite being the vast majority of people in France they were treated terribly!. Their were three estates in France during the monarchies rule!. The first was made up of the clergy!. The second was made up of the aristocrats and finally the third was made up of the peasants!. The first and second estate would form an alliance and would always outvote the third estate!. The people grew tired of this and eventually revolted!. They destroyed the "Bastille" which was a symbol of fear to the people!. Another important event was the thousands of women who marched to the kings palace to show him that Paris was struggling economically like the rest of the country!. The people had thought that the king had grown out of touch with the people and that he didn't realize how bad things were in his own country!. Eventually he was imprisoned and executed on January 21st 1793!. Another key factor in the revolution was the Great Fear which was when the peasants fearful of the king and his power revolted against the aristocrats and killed many of them and destroyed their houses!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

well i do know that the royal family became unpopular and the peasants revolted because they were starving and the formed a new goverement and brutally overthrew the royals and killed a large portion of the royal family including the king and queen and imprisioned many others!. Lot of revolution and blood shed!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

it sucked for the french!.!.!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

That you know jack ****!.!.!.Www@QuestionHome@Com