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Question: What was the United Kingdom's Role in WWII!?
I always hear about Germany and the US!.!.!.but what about the UK!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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The link gives events but not Victories unless major

the UK and Empire and Commonwealth Nations took on the might of NAZI Germany the RAF took on the Luftwaffe without any help from USA or Russia and Beat them

I will Not Forget the Three Eagle Squadrons all American Volunteers in the RAF I thank you for Your Valour and may god bless you all

I was in London during the Blitz and we used to watch the Vapour trails of the Dog Fights

Battle Of Britain she also Sunk the Bismark Admiral Graft Spey and the tirpids and Blockaded the rest of the Surface Fleet in Port

stopped rommel Sorry the Australians Stopped Rommel at tobruck

and we the British won both battles of El alamaine alone

with the result in 2 years Germany would would Run out of Fuel all before lend lease

germany lost the battle of the Bulge because they lost at El Alamaine

they Ran out of Fuel and the USA call this a us Victory more like a British victory

the Major Player was Britain her Empire and what is now the Commonwealth of Nations were yes Were Beating Germany before the USA or Russia entered the war

we won the Air War 1940 we blockaded the German Navy 1940 we sunk the First and newest Battleship in 1940 and the First troops from USA arrived in UK June 1943 and their first action against Rommel was a total disaster Kasereen pass after that Victory Rommel's army took on the British 8 th army who Kicked him out of Africa Rommel turned up for the Evacuation of German troops

Nov 8, 1942 - Operation Torch begins (U!.S!. invasion of North Africa) but was not involved in any immediate battles as Monty had done the JobWww@QuestionHome@Com

The United Kingdom stood against Nazi Germany alone when all of Europe was under Hitler's Yoke and tyranny rule!. England fought alone until the US entered the War!. This was a huge because it gave the Americana's a platform to build up troops and attack Hitler's Europe!. England beat th Germany army in Africa denying Germany vital oil for its war machine!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

'They did stuff, they were part of taking normandy back, and a whole bunch of other stuff!.Www@QuestionHome@Com