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Question: How did the roman empire end!?
im asking about who took over the roman empire and ended itWww@QuestionHome@Com

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The Roman Empire split into the eastern and western halves!. The western half, including the city of Rome, fell in 476 AD to Germanic barbarians led by Odoacer!. At this point the territories of the western half fragmented into several smaller kingdoms!.

The eastern half (aka Byzantine Empire), with the new capitol city of Constantinople, lived on for another 1000 years!. Under the emperor Justinian the Byzantine Empire briefly reconquered Italy, but it didn't last long!. Eventually they were conquered by the Ottoman Turks in 1453 AD!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

After the Empire split into Western and Eastern halves, a number of Germanic tribes who had moved into central Europe during the Migration Era became increasingly policitically important!.

The Romans refered to these tribes as "barbarians", but it should be born in mind that this word essentially meant "from outside Rome!." Many of these tribes were not "barbarians" as we think of the word, meaning "uncouth" and "uncivilized!." They had soliders who had fought in the Roman army and many who who spoke either Greek or Latin or both!. They had a strong culture with established laws (several of these codes have been preserved)!. also, by the 5th century, a large number of them were Christians, albeit Arian Christians who were considered heretical by orthodox Christians in Rome and Byzantium!.

In September of 476, the last Western Roman Emperor, the boy Romulus Augutulus abdicated in favour Odoacer, a member of the Scrian tribe and the appointed leader of the Foederati, a group of Germanic tribes who had a treaty relationship with Rome!. Although Odoacer was sometimes called "King" he was more often refered to as "General" or simply "Leader"!. He was the first non-Italian ruler of the (now former) Roman territories!. Odoacer graciously had Romulus sent into exile rather than having him killed as might be expected of political rivals in those days!.

Then in 488, the Ostrogoth King Theodoric (who had been partly raised in Byzantium) with the encouragement of Julian Zeno (who considered himself the "true" Roman emperor) invaded Odoacer's territory!. By 493 he had taken control, signed a treaty with Odoacer's men and had Odoacer himself killed, thus becoming the new King of Italy and the de facto emperor of the central portion of what had been the Roman Empire (the east remained Byzantine, Spain went to the Visigoths and the North Africa to the Vandals)!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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