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Question: What happened to all the weapons of mass destruction that were developed in the cold war!?
Obviously, during the cold war, there was tension among the US and the USSR, and many weapons were developed for this war, especially nuclear weapons!.

But those weapons were never used,

what happened to the unused weapons of the cold war!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
the weapons are still around, they are just dispersed in different places!.
some are stolen and sold
some are simply "missing"
some are disarmed
some are still actively sitting in the silo!.
theres still a few thousand nuclear weapons in the world :PWww@QuestionHome@Com

"This War" Starting at the end of World War Two !.Right around the time Winston Churchill who had been the Prime Minister of the British Empire stated a curtain of Iron has been laid down across Europe by the USSR imprisoning millions behind this Iron Curtain!.
In response the Free World formed the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Stating an attack on one Nation would be considered as an attack on all members!.
The USSR in response forced the the iron fist dictators of these captured nations who laid behind this Iron curtain to set up a bogus group called the Warsaw Pact!.
It was a lame shame circus side show attempt to have the world feel good about the USSR crushing rape of this Nations!.
The USSR formed in the early twentieth century 1917 by over throw of the Czar of Russia by Marxist communist led by Lenin then Stalin and other thugs!.threw the years!.
Russia got the Bomb in 1949 by stealing the plans from the USA!.also grabbing German egg heads along with most of Germany's industrial secrets and infrastructure at the end of World War!. The USA also got many scientists because they did not really want to be held under the iron fist of the USSR!.
So in 1949 we had a few atom bombs Russia had one or two and the rest of the world had none!.
Then the Arms race started first we and they built a new type of bomb!. The Hydrogen bomb!. Then we started to build bigger ones up to millions of toms!. Like 20 megatons!. The USSR did not have accurate delivery systems like the USA so a big Nuke would do the trick!. If the bomb missed by twenty miles a 20 Megaton nuke would blow away say all the District of Columbia to take out the Pentagon!. Or say two bombs would melt all of San Antonio, Texas to take out the one U!.S Army Fort and the four U!.S Air Force bases!.
It was not just the bomb!. It was how they were delivered!. We had better missiles, bombers, interceptors, ship and submarines!. Still do!
When Regan got Gorbachev to do what the Nuke Freeze crowd though was impossible!. Reduce what both side had in bombs and delivery systems!. We were able to point the weapons away from each other!. it would not take long at all to re aim!. Plus to destroy missiles,silos and planes!. We helped them destroy there arms!. We would take a crane and as there satellites passed over America we would drop a huge guillotine like slab of steel onto our B-52 bombers wings and bodies!. We would pull out our missiles from there silos then has the Satellite flew over we would blow up the silos!.
Sadly the genies is out of the bottle!. Abu Kan of Pakistan gave the bomb to other rouge nations!. So sooner or later we or some other infidel will get Nuked!.
Oh how I wished for the days of duck and cover!. Or do I!.
The older day s of Total Nuke war with every thing gone or NGA doing in LA, Paris or Moscow!?
Do we want suitcase nukes or 20 Megatons of radioactive roadside bombs!?
Hope we make it to 2012!. The Nuke family has about ten nations who claim to have nukes!. There are about ten who have them but are coy and do not claim to own them!. Then there are about ten who have the know how the ability and the parts to put together the bomb!. Like Japan!. If North Korea comes up with the bomb Japan and South Korea will most likely join the family of Nuke owners!.
Peace out!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

A good modern day movie on this arms dealings issue is "Lord of War" with Nicholas Cage!. It is a bit trivialized but in all seriousness it was a nightmarist demise to weaponry in the world!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Theoretically, they are being dismantled and destroyed!. Some are still aimed at the "enemy"!. Others are being stolen or sold off to the highest bidder -- that's known as nuclear proliferation!.Www@QuestionHome@Com