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Question: People with March 21 birthdays!?(:!?
My birthday is march 21 and i just got to wondering if any famous people/ people who made a difference in history/ ETC!. had the same birthday!?(:

answer yeahh!?(;Www@QuestionHome@Com

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All the major events and birthdays on March 21st!.Www@QuestionHome@Com


1962 Rosie O'Donell (actress, comedian, talk show host)
1962 Matthew Broderick (actor)
1960 Ayrton Senna da Silva (race car driver)
1958 Gary Oldman (actor)
1946 Timothy Dalton (actor)
1945 Rosie Stone (musician)
1929 James Coco (actor)
1925 Peter Brook (director)
1923 Mort Lindsey (bandleader)
1918 Sir Charles Thompson (musician, composer)
1905 Phyllis McGinley (poet)
1869 Florenz Ziegfeld (producer)
1839 Modest Mussorgsky (composer)
1685 Johann Sebastian Bach (composer)

lots of names!Www@QuestionHome@Com

Try this site!.

ohhh!.!.!.Im one day off !!! (March 20 here!!)
I share a birthday with Big Bird and Mr!. Rogers (seriously!) LOL

I think you share a b-day with Adrian Peterson (Running back for the Vikings!) wooohoooooooWww@QuestionHome@Com