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Question: What's the cold war!? What is it about!?
I dont understand, i only know it as the war that had no weapons fired!?

But how did it start!? Who was involved, what happened etc!.!.!.!.

can you give a summary!? im not in the mood to reading a huge article!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Two superpowers emerged from World War II--the United States and the Soviet Union!.

At the end of the war Europe was divided; Western Europe was dominated by the US, and those countries chose capitalist, democratic governments!. Eastern Europe was largely occupied by the USSR, and those governments were often forced to accept autocratic governements dominated by communists!.

The Cold War extended all over the world, and Soviet-American relations dominated world events for the next forty years!. Pro-american countries joined NATO while pro-Soviet countries joined the Warsaw Pact!.

While the USSR and the USA never directly fought one another, they struggled for control all over the world, and many shots were fired!. There were bloody civil wars in Greece, China, Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia, El Salvador, Angola, Ethiopia, and other places!. The United States sent troops to Vietnam, Korea, and El Salvador!. The Soviets sent troops to Afghanistan and fought for eight years!. Cuba took part with the Soviet side, and was invaded by the US!. They set up Soviet nukes in 1962, and the world almost had a nuclear war!. They sent soldiers to Ethiopia and Angola!.

Eventually the Soviet Union went broke because they had spent so much money on armaments!. The country broke up, their allies split off, and the Cold War ended!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

The cold war was launched by America because it feared Russia!. It was designed to wreck the economy of Russia through "Containment"!.

Containment was basically trying to making it hard for Russia to trade with other countries or to form political alliances!.

Same concept that groups of school yard bullies use when they try to isolate some one from other students, so they can bully them and the other student can not find support to fight back!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Joseph Stalin, the leader of the Soviet Union wanted to insure that the Soviet Union was not isolated without any allies after World War II!. So he had installed socialist governments in the nations of Eastern Europe and North Korea!.

Harry Truman, the president of the US, feared that communism would spread over the whole world and moved to stop it!. He offered aid to countries like Greece and Turkey that were being threatened by the USSR!.

The Korean and Vietnam wars were part of the Cold War, so there were shots fired!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

It started after WW2!. The world was pretty much divided into 2 by the world's superpowers, the U!.S!. and The U!.S!.S!.R!. Both countries started developing nuclear weapons!. The war almost went "hot" because of the Cuban missile crisis!. The Russians had supported North Korea in the Korean war and North Vietnam in the Vietnam war, both countries being communist!. We got back at them by supporting the Afghan rebels when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan!. The whole conflict was really based on fear!. Both countries and their citizens feared each otherWww@QuestionHome@Com

the cold war was a war against the U!.S!. and the Soviet Union right after world war 2
basically it was a game of spies after spies going after each other to see what the other country was doing!. it was a pointless "war"Www@QuestionHome@Com