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Question: Why will we win the war - north side !?
i need info or recommended resources for a debate on "Why will we will win the war - north side" (affirmative) and maybe an opening and closing statement!?!?!?!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

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Reasons why:
1!. Industry North 110,000 factories South-- 1,800
2!. Industrial Workers N!. 1!.3 million South 110 thousand
3!. firearms the n had 32 guns for every 1 the S had!.
4!. manpower the north had about 15 million the south had about 1/3rd
5!. leadership the North had Lincoln who would do anything/everything
to win the south had davis who was a victim of his own
government's philosophy of "state rights" which limited his ability to
act as a wartime president!.
6!. Opening statement: Ideas and beliefsare nice but God is on the
side of Big Industry!. The South has motivation but motivation will
not stop a bullet!. The south did not have the manpower, industry
nor the leadership in its central Government that the North had!.
The North wore the South down and once Lincoln was able to:
a!. change the emphasis of the war from saving the union to freeing
the slaves the moral war was won by the north!. The south had no
friends in Europe after the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863!.
b!. Found the right General in US Grant who simply ran the South's
army down, under RE Lee until it broke under the pressure!.
c!. Remember the North really used ALL of its available manpower
unlike the south, it was not a total war in the North either!. The
North literally fought the war with 1 hand tied behind its back!.

It took 4 years but the outcome was never in doubt about who would
win if the war was allowed to be finished all it needed was the will and
the determination to finish the job!. Lincoln had the will and Grant
provided the way!.
Hope that helps!. packers!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Like George W Bush years later, many Northerners firmly believed that god was on their side, that Abolition was a moral battle!.

The North had a greater population, greater wealth, and more territory than the South!. It was more industrialized; the South was mostly rural!. The South depended heavily on the British and French for resources (selling cotton), but the North was more self-sufficient!.Www@QuestionHome@Com