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Question: When did Spanish colonies in South America gain their independence!?
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Independence from Spain came suddenly for most of Latin America!. Between 1810 and 1825, most of Spain’s former colonies had declared and won independence and had divided up into republics!.

Simon Bolívar fought the Spanish in Venezuela, Ecuador and Colombia for several years, decisively beating them several times!. By 1822, those countries were free, and Bolívar set his sights on Peru, the last and mightiest Spanish holdout on the continent!.

Argentina drew up its own government on May 25, 1810, in response to Napoleon’s capture of Spain, although it would not formally declare independence until 1816!. The Chileans and Argentines soundly defeated the Spanish at the Battle of Maipú (near Santiago, Chile) on April 5, 1818, effectively ending Spanish control over the southern part of South America!.Www@QuestionHome@Com