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Question: Is it true that Hitler's Admirals advised him not to fight the Royal Navy!?
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Doesn't matter who advised whom!. It would've been the most common sense thing to do for hitler and/or his admirals!.


Because by then, Germany had conquered Denmark without a fight from Danish, and had devastatingly assaulted Norway's navy on all sides except North!. The allies were surprised by this, and reacted quickly!.

There were several naval battles North portion of Norway, involving German fleet and The British Royal Nave, which won most of these battles, and severely disabled German navy!.

So, the British defeated German's naval power, and depleted it's ability to be as effective!.

Hitler and/or his admirals did not have a strong NAVAL power to try to take on the Royal Navy!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Hitler was a land soldier with little grasp of naval tactics!. Certainly his admirals would have realised that if they were to stop the convoys supplying Britain then they needed surface raiders and U Boats striking at random and in large numbers, so the possibility of losing a lot of ships in a pitched battle with the Royal Navy was not really an option!. Most of Hitler's capital ships were designed to act as lone raiders, so obviously he fell in with this idea and there were no large scale battles between the fleets as there had been at Jutland in World War One!. Ships like the Graf Spee and the Bismark were hunted down and destroyed individually, the Tirpitz was bombed in a fiord and none of the took part in large scale joint actions!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I very much doubt it!. Hitler knew nothing about seamanship, indeed, even before their lunch, his clutch of pocket battleships were already outdated!.

Much to Hitler's fury, the Royal Navy simply hunted them down and blew them up!. These Nazi raiders were destroying out shipping in the early days of the war!.

The main enemy were the Nazi U-Boats!. But by c1943 it was all over bar the shouting!. More than 75% of all Nazi sailors who went out with the U-Boats, never returned, dead at sea, sunk etc!.

Sink the Bismarck 1941

It must be true - at least many if not all must have known that they were adding another HUGE, HUGE enemy to an already hard-to-handle list of enemies!. There were too many enemies at once to handle, plus the UK world empire at the time was the biggest, richest and most set-up for war of all!.Www@QuestionHome@Com