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Question: I really need to know some info about the Chinese Cultural Revolution!!?
I need to know what the effects of it were (on china)
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The cultural revolution was essentially an attack on the educated and intellectual segments of society, either arresting them or forcing them to go to the country and perform peasant labor!. Consequently, the main effects on China was to set back its intellectual development and produce a shortage of available people in professions such as medicine!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Check out the book "Life and Death in Shanghai" by a woman, Nien Cheng, who lived through the Cultural Revolution and was tortured and imprisoned even though she had done nothing to harm anyone!. Her only child, a daughter, was beaten to death because she did not find fault with, nor agree with the inquisitors that her mother had done anything wrong!. also the book "Wild Swans" by a woman, author Jung Chang, who immigrated here from China!. This book is a memoir following three generations of women in her family in China through the revolutions, especially the events of the Cultural Revolution!. She also recently wrote "Mao: The Unknown Story" together with a native English speaker Jon Halliday!. The later book is published by Knopf!. There’s a good synopsis about the Cultural Revolution in China at this url http://www!.hoover!.org/publications/polic!.!.!. The section on the Cultural Revolution is near the end of this web page, and you’ll want to read the first part to get a foundation for understanding why the Cultural Revolution occurred!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Library!. Books!.

Any one of dozens of biographies by chinese people who lived thru the Cultural revolution

or google or wikipedia cultural revolution!?

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