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Question: The Untied States of Europe!?
Is that not what the EU is!? Is that not what Hitler wanted in the first place!? To me the EU is just like our USA, except they over-regulated, over taxed and socialized societiesWww@QuestionHome@Com

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Actually the treaty of Lisbon gave suzerainty to the EU government over the national governments!. That is why most people objected to it, and why their governments ignored it!.

It took quite a while before the USA became one nation!. People fought the civil war for their states, much less for the United States!. That came later, after the Civil War!.

The USA had the advantage of less languages, more culturally united that the EU!. Not every EU citizen is happy to be an EU citizen!. The Euro is resented, at least in Holland!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Hitler wanted to rule Europe himself and used force to take Europe!. The EU promotes freedom!. This includes freedom of speech, thought and movement!. Hitler didn't, the Gestapo prevented freedom of speech!. Europe isn't small, have you seen the size of Russia!? Denmark also doesn't use the Euro!. The UK would be worse of using the Euro!.

England is a constituent country!. That means its still a country, but it belongs to another country; the UK!. Its called the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland because it includes the three (constituent) countries in Great Britain and Northern Ireland!.

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have to be a country in order for us to be united!. You can't say these aren't countries if they have their own football teams, their own flag, a capital city and have an anthem; although there is no official anthem!.

The English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish have the same passport because we are a British citizen, so we get a British passport!. British (just like it is to be American) is a citizenship and English, Scottish, Welsh are all ethnic groups!. Anyone in the world can be British or American by applying, but no one can apply to be English, Scottish or Welsh!.

What's your definition of nationality!? Some people use the word nationality to mean ethnicity, while others use nationality to mean citizenship!.
Ethnicity = If a dog was born in a stable does that mean its a horse!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

Hitler was not interested in a federation of independent and sovereign states that agreed to work together!. What he wanted was a united Europe under his command!. As to regulation and taxation, a lot of that is in the eye of the beholder!. People pay higher taxes, but get more and often better services, assistance and support from their governments!. It all boils down to different interpretation of and outlook on life!. The question of paying lower taxes and having to pay more, for example, for education or medical care, has often been discussed, and the general consensus so far has been not to rock the boat too much!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

The EU is much more loosely united than the US!. Ultimate authority still lies with the individual nations of Europe, unlike the US states who each lost their sovereignty long ago!. But look to Europe to become more united over time; the nations of Europe are tiny compared to the rising nations of China and India, each with populations over a billion!. All of Europe only has about 500 million citizens!. They must unite to stay competitive!.

Yes the EU is more socialized than the US, but before you judge it perhaps you should talk to some Europeans to see how they like it!. After all they voted it into being through the democratic process, just like we choose the direction of our government!. The free market must be tempered by regulation, otherwise problems like industrial pollution and child labor get out of control!. But where to draw the line between capitalism and socialism is a matter of opinion!.

I don't think you can compare Hitler's vision to the EU!. Hitler wanted supremacy for Germany and personal glory for himself, at the expense of all else!. The EU is more about cooperation between individual nations to achieve mutual benefits!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Hitler's issue was race (he was born Austrian) - he wanted an 'Aryan' race to rule!. He initially considered Britain a potential ally as there were many historical links but as soon as we said 'up yours Adolf' that all went pear shaped!.
Europe is a cultural melting pot!. What it lacks in size it more than makes up for in diversity!. Whether it should be considered a single entity, and the degree of that singularity I believe will only be judged by history!. The biggest problem I see at the present are the number nations gaining entry and a shifting workforce heading mainly west!.!.!.to Britain! I agree over-regulation is definitely an issue as is the Euro!. But the thing which gets to most folks is the loss of cultural identity!.!.!.there'll be more 'fights' over that issue than over the economics of it!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Adding my unique perspective of being a US citizen that has lived in Germany for seven years and traveled the continent fairly extensively, I'm not sure the EU will ever become as unified as the US, but it could happen in the future!.

As to over taxation and regulation, I know many Germans that would entirely agree!. The common themes of my German friends is ever increasing taxes!. VAT is now 19%, then there are the various income taxes, insurances, etc!. I have a friend who does NOT pay the 7% Church tax and has an overall tax rate (with the various insurances, etc) of 52%!. And the remark I hear most often is increasing taxes and declining returns in services!. The needs better and cheaper healgh care, but not the socialized system of Europe!.

Some countries have had to increase gasoline taxes to bring them more in line with the rest of Europe at about 6 US dollars a gallon (they were more than $10 a gallon when we hit the peak price)!.

The EU has favored countries like the Czech Republic because it's removed trade barriers, etc!. If I'm not mistaken Czech has the fastest growing economy in Europe!.

HITLER was NOT interested in a Unified Europe, Hitler was interested in a "Greater Germany" that included all the good land in Europe, and then having vassal states to serve Germany!.

The first rumblings of what was to become the EU began after World War I but didn't gain much traction until after World War II!. It has had several lives and names as the nature of the organization changed!.

There is something to be said for the common currency and removal of trade barriers, the trade off in the whacky environazis legislation, etc REALLY takes away from that!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

EU means European Union!. Its not United state of Europe!.
Secondly what Hitler wanted was to rule over Europe by himself only, whereas in EU each country is ruled by its own government!. They are united only in ONE currency,free movement of citizens of member countries and goods without much of hassle or restriction!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Untie the States!.!.!. and untie them now!

No it's very different!. Every EU country has it's own legislature and executive!. EU law is not necessarily binding in a UK court (for example), however an individual (person or company) has a right to appeal to an EU court if their treatment in the UK courts has breached any EU standards!.

The EU has no impact on domestic taxes!.Www@QuestionHome@Com


EU - European Union of COUNTRIES!.
They are distinct countries, with their own languages and history!.
Very much their own identities!.

States and Providences are simply territories, for lack of a better term, in individual countries sharing a history and a common language!.
We have the same identities!.

There is an easier chance of having a United States of North America than having different European countries become states!.
Simply because of our similarities between Canada and the US!.
They don't have those similarities in Europe!.
Their very unique differences keep them separate whereas we don't have that here!.

And one day Canada and the US might HAVE to combine to be competitive AGAINST the EU for simple economic reasons!.


Sparkle sweetie, you are missing a HUGE factor here!.

Distance between one another and size of a culture has NOTHING to do with it!.

What you are proposing is is the COMPLETE ANNIHILATION of entire cultures!.

Cultures that are thousands, and thousands of years old!.
Germans and Italians!.!.!.for example!.!.!.!.!.are NOT the same people!.

They are NOT the same people even GENETICALLY!.

Until quite recently!.!.!.!. with mass transit available with modern technology!.!.!.!. one could very easily just LOOK and pretty much be able to determine what nationality a person was!.
And it is STILL rather easy to tell an Italian from a Norwegian!.

Even the language differences go back to the very DAWN of time!. Some languages like Basque for instance goes SO far back in history we have NO idea where it came from!.

Yes, the Basque do live in part of Spain, but it seems that they have lived in that particular part of Spain since caveman days!.

We are SO lucky to actually HAVE an ancient European culture like the Basque!.

And you want to wipe them out, toss them in a general state, make them speak an unknown language, because of course to move everyone into states you WOULD have to FORCE the same language on them, make them give up their ancient culture, their ways, their beliefs, their society!.!.!.!.simply because you think they are so small that they don't matter!?

The EU is ONLY ONE THING!.!.!.!.!.it is a monetary system used to assist smaller countries financially to actively compete in an open free market against much large overpowering societies LIKE the US!.

That's it!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Yes the area of the EU is small compared to that of the USA (although it has a larger population) and likely to enlarge to the East!.

>maybe one day there will be one man in charge of all the 27 countries in the EU

Unlikely, impossible under the current situation, however, there may even be a woman!.

Yes, some nations pay high taxes, to get better public facilities including healthcare, yes, there is a lot of regulation but lack of regulation is what has led to the current financial crisis (and will lead to environmental disaster) and socialised – difficult to understand that one – I have noticed US citizens seem to have a fear of socialism without understanding what they should fear (one tried to explain that the Nazi party was a socialist party – I refuse to believe all of the doubters have fallen for that cant)!.

Ultimately, there is very little chance of the nations becoming one!.

England is a country, it shares judiciaries with Wales, but not Scotland and Northern Ireland, each country have separate legislatures!.

The Euro hasn't been adopted by all 27 nations (so far 17) and has been adopted by nations outside the EU!. And given the recent performance of the Euro against the Pound and the Dollar they are probably happy with that decision!.

Teddy seems to have swallowed the Daily Mail line, what would happen to British trade (exports and imports) if it was outside the EU would it join Iceland, Switzerland and Norway – if they want to trade with EU nations they have to adopt EU policies with no voice in their creation or adaptation!. Yes, there are higher courts of appeal beyond national institutions, many people have good reason to thank the European Court of Justice, however the ECJ only looks at cases revolving around a point of EU law and those points can only be referred by the courts not by an individual!. The European Court of Human Rights is a different institution under the European Council a different body to the EU – even that has only limited powers and cannot demand changes to a nation's law!.

>Following the British victory at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, peace reigned in Europe until 1914, the outbreak of WW-One!.

This will come as a surprise to those who fought and died in the dozen or so wars (including those of independence) throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries!.

>Wrong England use to be before the act of the union but now it is a country with Wales, Scotland and N Ireland!.

No, this is complicated and frequently misunderstood, England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are separate countries within the unitary state of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland!. Each country, apart from England, has a devolved national assembly, it has three separate legislatures (England and Wales share one), education and healthcare are run by different bodies in different ways in each country!.

It is perhaps most obvious at a sporting level where each country has representative teams – football and rugby for example (at some sporting competitions, like the Olympics, there is only one team representing Great Britain and Northern Ireland, however in other international competitions, like the Commonwealth Games, individual countries send teams)!.

It would, apparently, take someone with more patience than I have to explain it to you, the politics of the Olympic Committee are the source of the difficulty over the teams!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

You are indeed wise , Sparkle !. You've hit the nail on the head !. If you want further proof of it all just wait a few years and you'll see the euro brought here - under a different name , of course !. It'll be a single currency - replacing OUR national currency as well as Canadas and Mexicos' !. It's all a quickening pace towards exactly what you wrote !. If I knew of any answers to halt it I would do it - but I see our country becoming another England soon enough!.I hope to God I'm completely wrong!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

You are quite right about the United States of Europe, however, the idea was first put up by Winston Churchill and not by A!.Hitler!. Winston's idea was that were there to be a United States of Europe, then our past history of wars would not be repeated or continue unabated!.

Winston Churchill on the United States of Europe

Following the British victory at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, peace reigned in Europe until 1914, the outbreak of WW-One!.

The EU is moving towards becoming the United States of Europe!. In all probability we'll have to elect a president, where as at the moment, each member state/country takes it in turn to do the job!. I think the Czech Republic are doing the President of the EU job at this time!.

The EU is indeed over regulated and over taxed and over time most of the British people, including myself, remain firmly in the sceptical camp!.

The problem is that for us Brits, we gaze out over the Atlantic and dream of something far more important; our historic links with the United States!. Not so much a special relationship, more kith and kin!.

Like they say, blood is thicker than water!.


Winston's mother was American!.

I think it's a big mistake to overlook the EU and ignore it and go on to the East and see such as India and/or China becoming world powers!. This is unlikely, esp!. for China, since they are dependent upon the USA and the EU buying their cheap goods!. Well, the present resession means we're no longer willing to buy their cheap goods and this is already having a disasterous effect upon the economies of both India and China!.

Watch this space!. !. !.Europe!. !. !. !.




I WAS GLAD - Saint Paul's Cathedral here in Londinium - Roman city!.

Have you ever been to Yurrup!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

your silly!Www@QuestionHome@Com

agreed, and the sooner we leave the better!. Can't see what we get out of it, laws that have stood us in reasonably good stead for years being overturned by Europe, being governed by Brussels is not something i want, or indeed we want at all,!.
Here in UK we pay one of the highest rates of tax and are now just a shadow of what and who were once, i hate our feckin government, for not giving us the referendum they promised

some on here don't seem to know or even understand about the EU, our governments have wanted closer economic ties with France, Spain, Germany etc, but all that has actually happened is much of our law, and next it will be taxation, going to a central union of states in europe, already there is the euro, a common currency, and then it will be the rest, why the thumbs down for telling the truth, some of you are burying your head in the sand!. Once Brown signs the Lisbon treaty there is no going back!. If people don't agree with a law in the UK, they can and do go the European Courts, to get them overturned!. Why is this so difficult for some to see!.
There has been talk of integrating the armies into a European force, and so what next, this is not what Britain should be doing!.

not quoting the Daily Mail, i bloody well object to that, these are just my observations, and own experience!. I have travelled across Europe and every place that has had the Euro foisted on it, didn't want it, found that all the prices went sky high, that they were not given a choice!.
Has someone not realised that the referendum we were promised in New Labour manifesto, said that they would ask the electorate, they haven;t and won't!.
Everyone i have spoken with from family, close friends, collegues in the past did not, do not want to belong to Europe, and whilst it might not have been Hitlers aim, is an the aim of business people who have every reason to want it!.
I am fed up to the back teeth with the whole question of Europe, and by the way, what are the Irish going to do,
be strong armed into signing, even though they voted no
last time out!.
Lord Malloch Brown said that what the Irish did was undemocratic in not voting yes, sorry i thought that
having a vote was the democratic way, or perhaps i have missed something here!.Www@QuestionHome@Com