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Question: What is more dangerous: the world today or the world in 1400)!?
Dont ask why I chose 1400!.!. Henry IV, Timur, The Medici family, etc!. none of that matters- is to be disregarded!. (sorry correct me if I am wrong on the facts)

The main question is: what is more dangerous to live in, the world today- POST-technology or the "old" world, be it 1400, the first century, 6th century (dark ages), etc!.!.- anytime PRE-technology

Take into consideration the positive and negative effects of technology- we may think that today we have medicine and viral shots, live longer, etc!. we also have to deal with modern chemicals, pollution, the atomic bomb- a bit drawn out but that is ok!. after all world destruction has been made very possible in this day and age!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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In 1400 you lived at the whim of various lords, barons, kings and church officials!. They take offense to something you do and you could and would be executed!. If you commited many crimes you would be executed!. Wars ran rampant through the world!. Famine, disease, work place accidents!.

Until anti-biotics a mere splinter or a bug bite could kill you!.

Crime was a serious problem!. Travel was extremely dangerous!. First you had to survive bandits, cut throats and thieves!. Surive potentially hostile powers, and survive superstitious populations!. If you happened by at the wrong time and a cow died it must be your fault!. You must be in league with the devil or an agent for an enemy government!. Your ship could sink or you could wander into a plague area or starve to death on the road!.

Life was much more dangerous in 1400!. The chemicals and other potential health hazards we face today are often only because we live long enough to face those issues!. Modern people do face one unique danger!. It is very possible for all life to be obliterated by our own hand!. Nuclear weapons and biological warfare are new dangers and they can wipe us off the face of the Earth in the blink of an eye!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Never mind technology, which is mostly about comfort and about speedy methods of doing things!. Think, instead, about the field of medicine!. Think about the diseases that have been eradicated!. Think about immunizations that prevent diseases!. Think about the surgical procedures that save millions of lives!.
The world of 1400 wins, hands down, in the 'most dangerous period' contest!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Dangerous in what sense!? The year 1400 was far more violent than today!. They did not have police forces back then!. The murder rate was many times what it is today!.Nations were still forming!. Small and large wars were constant in Europe!. In North America Indian tribes were always trying to wipe out their neighbors!.Vast numbers of children died of disease!. In fact large numbers of all age groups died!. In 1400 you had to be very lucky to get to 50 years old!. Today you have to be extremely unlucky not to get to 50!.We are far safer today than in 1400!.
As a point of fact, more people die in the USA every year due to smoking than the total number of all people that have died due to atomic weapons!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

1400 would undoubtedly be more dangerous!. Far greater risk of dying of infectious diseases, no immunisations, and if you were a woman, a much greater risk of dying in childbirth!. And a much higher infant mortality rate, I believe about a quarter of all children used to die in infancy!. And most people in those days drank ale because water was unsafe to drink (that was their story anyway)!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

1400 for the diseases, and poor health conditions, shortened the average life expectancy, in the middle ages was 35 years, or 30,Www@QuestionHome@Com

I would imagine in 1400 !.Www@QuestionHome@Com