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Question: Help with history ten point and bonus!?
How did Hitler kill the jews!. I am writing a script and I need a type to fake kill this kid to show how the did it!. Nothing with guns thoughWww@QuestionHome@Com

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The Nazis were creative murderers!. In the death camps they would starve, hang, gas, and shoot prisoners!. In the Jewish shetls, the Einzatsgruppen would typically use firearms to kill civilians!. Often, however, they would gather a population into a barn or other structure and set it on fire!. When they wanted to save bullets, they would tie people together near a lake and only shoot one person, who would then drag the others down!. Drownings were not uncommon; nor was burying civilians alive!.

Unfortunately for you, there is no 'clean' way to show how Jews were murdered during World War II!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Hitler personally didn't!. He had plenty of minions for that!.

There were many ways -- shooting, gassing, hanging, etc!.

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