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Question: How was segregation like in schools in the southern American states duriong the period 1930-1970!?

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You are not likely to get a personal experience on the 1930 period !. !. !. some one who was mature enough to be aware segregation would probably be 90 years old and not on this site!.

For later periods 1950-1970 !. !. !. it went from peaceful to unstable!. The early years were peaceful, everyone generally knew what was expected and, basically, lived by the standards that were in place!. Seperate restrooms & water fountains, back of the bus for '****** or colored' as they were called, and front for whites!. The races had separate neighborhoods, schools and they did NOT mix, even in sports!. In the 50's Ike was President and he was confronted by and tried to avoid the, then, unpopular issue of integration/equal rights/affirmative action!.

Come the 60's and the Kennedy/Johnson era!. Kennedy was for and promoted fairness but was killed before any action was taken!. Martin Luther King and other leaders in the 'black' community became very active and found a voice in DC!. Johnson, a President from Texas (South) implemented affirmative action and promoted fairness, integration and equal rights!. This was when blacks and whites were sent to each other's schools in 'forced' integration !. !. !. neither child was happy to make the move and were scared/shunned - it took police escorts to get it started!. Honsestly, many went back to their old schools/friends which was normal!.

It was 1966 before integration was firmly in-place in the South as the general rule, right after I graduated in 1965!. It went from awkward to comfortable as the kids, who were NOT so predudiced, became comfortable with the new thoughts and ideals!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Everything is white only!.

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