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Question: Does anyone know if an Aunt who adopted her niece can receive grants!? I've tried searching online to no avail!?
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You don't say where you are from, but if you are in the US, most, if not all states will recognize a person (Aunt, Uncle, Grandparent) as a Legal Guardian and as long as they can show proof such as a legal court document for the adoption, they have the same rights as a Biological Parent over the Minor until he or she turns 18!.

As for the grant application, you might check with the school's admissions or administration office prior to filling out the application paperwork to see if there are any restrictions or additional requirements that you will need to have for the grant!.

There is also an area here that has to do with Laws and you might post your question there, too, because alot of people such as attorneys, legal aides and others frequent that area and you will probably get a better and truer response as to what the laws actually are with regards to your question!.

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It's hard to answer your question because it's a little vague!. Are you thinking of child support-type money, SSDI or educational grants!?Www@QuestionHome@Com