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Question: I want to find a website that helps me find out my family history!?
does anyone know a GOOD website that can help me with this!?Www@QuestionHome@Com

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker:
The best website for original source records is Ancestry!.Com!. They also seem to be getting more all the time!. They have all the U!.S!. censuses through 1930!. The 1940 and later are not available to the public yet!. They have U!.K!. censuses also!. They have military,land, immigration and other records!. They have indexes to vital records of many U!.S!. states!.

They have transcribe the records but you can view the original images!. There are errors in their transcriptions but when you view the originals, you will have great pity on the transcribers!.

Not all records are online but the ones that are will save you time and money traveling to courthouses, libraries etc!. to get the information!.

Any website that only has family trees is not worth a tinker's curse unless you are willing to verify the information by obtaining documents/records!.

Don't take as absolute fact everything you see in Ancestry!.Com's website or ANY website, free or fee!. The trees are submitted by the subscribers and usually are not documented and if so, they are poorly documented!. You frequently will see different info on the same people from different subscribers!. Then you willl see the absolute same info on the same people from different subscribers, but you would be very foolish if you think that means it is correct!. A lot of people copy without verifying!. Errors in genealogy have multipled due to online family trees!.

I recently found out that I am dead as well as my younger sister and my brother-in-law!. How bout them apples! We all died in Newton, Sussex County, New Jersey!. No date of death given but the only time my sister and I were ever in New Jersey was in 1956 when our family drove through it coming from New York!. I think we did stop to get gasoline there!. Checking further I found out that family on both sides married and died in Newton, Sussex County, New Jersey!. Since my ancestry is mostly southern American colonial with a few exceptions and those exceptions came in through southern ports, I was quite surprised!.

If this family tree had been submitted to any of the other websites it would have been accepted!.
If you disagree with something someone has posted on a member of your family, the website operators will tell you it is between you and the other subscriber!.

You might want to put your family tree in their Public Member Tree or their Personal Member Tree!. If so their system will give you hints of records on people that appear to match someone in your family tree!. Just make sure it is the same person!. also their system will give you hints from someone else's family tree that matches someone in your family tree!. Be Careful! Don't go adding spouses and children and other info just because someone else has it in their tree, not without verifying it!. You should aim to have a good verifiable family tree!. The family tree that I found all the wrong info on had almost 150,000 names!. Too many people in their online trees apparently think it is smart to see how many names they can collect!.

You should first start with living family and get as much info from them as possible!. Talk to your seniors and tape them if they will let you!. People who do this say they go back and listen to the tape again and hear things they didn't hear the first time around!. I'm not saying they won't be confused or wrong on some things!.

Find out if any has any old family bibles!. Ask to see and make copies of birth, marriage and death certificates!. Depending on the religious faith, baptismal, first communion, confirmation and marriage certificates form their church can be helpful!.

A Family History Center at a Latter Day Saints(Mormon) Church has records on people all over the world, not just Mormons!. In Salt Lake City, they have the world's largest genealogical collection!. The FHCs can order microfilm for you to view at a nominal fee!.

I have never had them to try and convert me or send their missionaries by to ring my doorbell!. I haven't heard of them doing that to anyone else that has used their resources!. Just call the nearest Mormon Church or visit their free website, FamilySearch!.org, to get their hours for the general public!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

There are so many websites!. Now, for which is best, it all depends: did your ancestor come through Ellis Island!? Fly over!? How long ago did they come!?!?
Were they sailors!? Soldiers!? Kings & Queens!?
You see, the thing of it is, which site is best depends upon the circumstances of your ancestors, where they were from, what they did, etc!.
But, hey, here is my short list, which will get you started:
You should start by asking all your living relatives about family history!. Then, armed with that information, you can go to your public library and check to see if it has a genealogy department!. Most do nowadays; also, don't forget to check at community colleges, universities, etc!. Our public library has both www!.ancestry!.com and www!.heritagequest!.com free for anyone to use (no library card required)!.
Another place to check out is any of the Mormon's Family History Centers!. They allow people to search for their family history (and, NO, they don't try to convert you)!.
A third option is one of the following websites:


www dot usgenweb dot com/

www dot census dot gov/


www dot ukgenweb dot com/

www dot archives dot gov/




www dot geni dot com/

Cyndi's has the most links to genealogy websites, whether ship's passenger lists, ancestors from Africa, ancestors from the Philippines, where ever and whatever!.

Of course, you may be successful by googling: "john doe, born 1620, plimouth, massachusetts" as an example!.

Good luck and have fun!

Check out this article on five great free genealogy websites:

www dot associatedcontent dot com/article!.!.!.

Then there is the DNA test; if you decide you want to REALLY know where your ancestors came from opt for the DNA test!. Besides all the mistakes that officials commonly make, from 10% to 20% of birth certificates list the father wrong; that is, mama was doing the hanky-panky and someone else was the REAL father!. That won't show up on the internet or in books; it WILL show up in DNA!.
I used www!.familytreedna!.com which works with the National Geographics Genotype Program!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I have looked everywhere for lost family history!. But, there is only one site that can find everything you'll need that is ancestry!.com

If you buy Family Tree Maker!. you'll get ancestry!.com for 3mos freeWww@QuestionHome@Com

Depends on what you may already know!. Ancestry is good, and Ellis Island also maintains a record of those who came through there also!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

try ancestryWww@QuestionHome@Com