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Question: What is my grandma's cousins child to me!?
My grandma's child is my first cousin twice removed right!? What is that persons child to me!?

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Call your grandmother Beatrice, her mother Barbara, Barbara's sister Alice, put the child below the parents and one generation per line:

Barbara & Alice = sisters
Beatrice & Andrew = 1st cousins
Betsy & Alyosius = 2nd cousins
Bry & Albert = 3rd cousins

You are second cousin once removed (one line up) from "Alyosius", your mother ("Betsy")'s second cousin!. "Alyosius" is your grandmother's first cousin's child!.

You are first cousin twice removed (two lines up) to "Andrew", your grandmother's first cousin!.

Copy this off into Notepad and change the names if you want to show it to someone!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Depends on how you want to work it,i have seen charts that say the child would be your First cousin three times removed or your second cousin, but either way still blood family and most people could pass family that distant in the street at neither know or care, just us who take the time to care!.

If you have a relationship with that person that works be happy

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I want to say it would be your second cousin twice removed!.!.!. :SWww@QuestionHome@Com

Some long distant relative!?Www@QuestionHome@Com