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Question: Has anyone done one of those DNA heritage tests!?
I have always wanted to try one of those DNA heritage test!. They go for about $150-$200!. I found some ones online they send you a kit and you give them a dna sample and you send it back!. Has anyone tried these!? Are the results accurate!? I am curious to know because I am a redhead, and my heritage is of sicilian decsent!. But anyways, I am really curious to find out!. I want to do one that gives you actual percentages of each nationality or heritage (whatever the correct term is lol)!. I have searched the internet but I cant find any reviews, and you know you cant trust what the people say on the website, as we know its all fake lol!. So please let me know if you have tried it or know anyone that has!. Thank you in advance for taking time to answer this post!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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I have had my Mitochondrial and my Autosomal!.

If you are a male you can also have your Y DNA!.

Now, it is according to what you want!. If you are involved in family history and want to match yourself with other family trees, Y & Mitochondrial are the way to go!. They both go back in a straight line virtually unchanged!. Y goes from father to son only!. In other words, if you were a male you would get it from your father and his father and his father and so!.

Mitochondrial goes from mother to both sons and daughters but only the daughters pass it on to their children!. In other words, you get it from your mother and her mother and her mother!.

A good company for this is


Now, this company will do it for free!. They won't send you a report, but they will put your results online!. It took about 6 months for mine to show up!. They have contracted with GeneTree to do the analysis for you!. It only cost me $19!.50 to get my analysis from them!. You have to have a signon with GeneTree but that is free!.


Now if you just want a view of your regional/ethnic heritage, Y & Mitochondrial are a big waste of money!. They represent a very tiny part of your ancestry!. One company that does them advertises they will help you "discover your deep ancestral roots," but it will be your deep ancestral roots in only 2 lines!. You come from a myriad of lines!. They will assign you to a Haplogroup based on your DNA and show you the origin of your nomadic ancestor thousands of years ago!.

However, if you get back to your 6xgreat grandparents, barring any duplicates, you come from 510 individuals!. It pyramids as you go back!. Of those 510, you get your Mitochondrial from only 8 and if you were male, you would also get your Y from only 8, leaving out a total of 494 people!.

There is one group that will take your Autosomal DNA and will match you with population groups thoughout the world!., They will not tell you that you are 1/2 of something, 1/4 of something else and 1/4 of another something else!. They will give you your Match Likelihood Indices of your top 20 matches!. When you go into their website, there is a way you can email them and ask questions!.


You get 23 chromosomes from each parent, only 1 each has Y & Mitochondrial!. The other 22 are your Autosomes!. It pretty much represents your total generic profile!. Your appearances comes from your Autosomal!.
I asked DNATribes if my sister with whom I share both parents had the same test would her results be the same and they replied:

"Two siblings will each obtain unique results!. Family members do typically share some regional or ethnic genetic affiliations, but in some cases matches can vary substantially between siblings!."

Now I found a website that you don't necessarily get it 50-50 from both parents!. However, I asked a question on the Biology board and that is incorrect!. It does start becoming a roll of the dice when you get back to your 4 grandparents!. You don't get it 25% from each!.

You might want to view an answer from a PHD in Biology!.

"Actually, you do inherit your autosomal DNA 50-50 from each parent!. That site is wrong!.

Your mother's egg contributes one set of 22 autosomes and one sex chromosome (an X)!. Your father's sperm contributes the other set of 22 autosomes, and another sex chromosome (either an X or a Y)!.

Where the 50-50 part breaks down is when you pass on your DNA to your children!. Each of your children will get half their DNA from you, but they won't necessarily get an equal mix of what you inherited from your parents!. They could inherit a more from your mother, through you, and less from your father, or vice versa!.

Another way to look at it: you inherited 50% of your autosomal DNA from each parent, but you didn't necessarily inherit exactly 25% from each grandparent!. Your maternal grandparents contributed exactly 50% in total, but it could be biased in favor of either your maternal grandmother or your maternal grandfather!. Same goes for your paternal grandparents!.

When you take one of those DNA tests, which markers they find depend on which ones you inherited through your mother and father, and that will be different between you and your siblings (assuming no identical twins)!. If one of your grandparents is Dutch, and another is Polish, you might happen to inherit more markers that the test considers NW Eur!., and your sister might happen to inherit more that are considered E Eur!. In most cases, that will just be a random chance!. also, just because you have more markers that the test considers NW Eur, doesn't necessarily mean you really are "more" NW Eur!. in any real sense!."

Now, FamilyTreeDNA does do Autosomal testing but they will not give you an analysis of your regional/ethnic background!. I think at one time they did!. FamilyTreeDNA did my Autosomal but I had to send the results to DNATribes to get an analWww@QuestionHome@Com

yes im just got one but havwent got my results yet i used dna tribes!.

appearence does not play a role the segmwnt of dna they test is neutral e!.g does not determine appearence but has other functions!.

Which is why many people with english ancestry ,blonde hair etc get african etc results!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

I have!. It's indeed interesting the information and the connection to others that are made!. I went thru YDNA!. They do comparisons based on surname and send you the latest results!.!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Has anyone done one of those DNA heritage testsWww@QuestionHome@Com