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Question: GENEALOGY: Where can I look up my relatives' birth/death dates and other info!?
Preferably free!.!.!.!.!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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There are hundreds of sources that have info about your ancestors or relatives (and no, they are not the same)!. Your mother, born in Nevada in 1947, will have a birth certificate!. A 7th gr grandfather born in North Carolina in 1802!.!. MAY HAVE a church record, or the only place might be on the tombstone!. Your relatives might be in Ireland, which is a whole different ball game!.
In other words!.!. the answer to your question is that the location for info will be totally different for each and every person!. The challenge of genealogy is to match the person with the info, link them to a parent, then repeat the process!.
And no!.!. this info will not all be online!. It might be published, or you might have to drive to the cemetery!.
www!.cyndislist!.com is the largest collection of genealogy websites, and there are thousands of them!. There also is a huge section strictly for beginning research!. You start wtih you!.!. use your birth record to prove who your parents are, and go from there!. Yes!.!. you DO need to use the record, even when you know the answer!. Reason!? You won't know for sure about anything, when you get back 100 yrs, and there is no one to ask!. Or waht you "think" is right, isn't!. Thus, a document or record is ALWAYS used!. Someone else's research is not a document, unless they give their source and you can go back to verify for yourself!.
Another tip!.!. don't try to work a surname!. You don't want the Jones history!. If your mother is Mary Jones!.!. you want HER IMMEDIATE family, who lived in Georgia in 1973!. With that!.!. someone could tell you how to find that records!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Hi, Sometimes you can find some of the information free, but it is usually limited!. For my genealogy research I use the public records database!. There they have marriage, birth and death records, also SSN lookup, census records and a whole lot more!.

Unfortunately it isn't free, but it doesn't cost very much either considering all the information that's available!. I think it is around $24 for a 5 year membership!.

I'll give you the link to the website and you can see what you think!.

Good LuckWww@QuestionHome@Com

Social Security Death Index (google the phrase) will often give you this info, if the person paid into SS or was paid benefits from it!.

And you should check your local public library -- they often have subscriptions to genealogical databases like Ancestry or Heritage Quest that will have those records!.

Good luck!Www@QuestionHome@Com