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Question: Cherokee tribe roll number for rene angler -renestapp !?
my grandmother was born in tennesee around 1872 --1875!. she was a full blood cherokee!.she told me that people misspelled her madin name!. i have a picture of her andmy grandpaw ,my dad,mother twobrothers andone sister in 1948!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

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You would have to contact The Cherokee Nation in Tahlequah, OK!. They should answer any question that you have!. also there is a website accessgeneology!.com that may help!.Www@QuestionHome@Com

Your ancestor would NOT appear on the Dawes Rolls unless she was living in Indian Territory (now known as Oklahoma) prior and up to 1906!. (The Dawes Rolls documented those Native people who traveled with their tribe on the Trail of Tears from the SE part of the US to IT and remained there with the tribe!. It is used today by several tribes to determine tribal enrollment eligibility!.) Your ancestor would only appear on any roll if they lived among their tribe and was recorded by their tribe or the US government as a Native person!.

The Cherokee Nation did their own Census in 1880!. You might want to look there to see if the Cherokee Nation, as it existed in 1880, recorded your grandmother!.

In fact, there are MANY Native Americans who never chose to be enrolled tribal members, so you may or may not find the name on the rolls!. Not being on the rolls will not "prove" she isn't Cherokee!. The other end of the equation is that many persons believe their family is NA, when it possibly isn't!.
From the wording!.!.what you really need is to solidify the research you have!. In other words!.!. her death certificate, tombstone, so forth, is what you need to be getting, in order to verify what her actual dates were!. It is also probable that you can find her in census records, both before and after her marriage!. The goal would be to confirm who her actual parents (grandparents, so forth) were!.
As for misspellings!.!. that is completely common, and to be expected!. All of us have family that is found in records, with errors!. The goal is to insure that the records reflect the right PERSONS, no matter what the spelling!.
With ALL genealogy!.!. you have to obtain records to back up oral history!. Without records, you are never sure of what the exact facts are!. The records also lead you to other documents that will answer the questions!. Without any documentation!.!. the tribe won't be able to help you!. You are more than welcome to post her name here (as long as she isn't living), and see what people can locate for you!.Www@QuestionHome@Com